Custom Silicone Rings

Accessories elevate the entire look of an outfit. Wearing a hat, a chain or a ring can complete the ensemble pretty easily. Now, if there is such an accessory that calls attention to good causes or brand as well as make you look good, that is a win-win situation. Our custom silicone rings are eye-catching accessories that can help spread the good name of a company or business you would like yo support.

Our custom silicone rings are available in four types of customizations: embossed, debossed, ink-injected and printed. Through the embossed and debossed method, your designs and messages are molded into the ring itself – which makes the customizations impossible to wear off over time! Our ink injected method can be used to create cool artwork upon contrasting product colors to give off a unique effect. Last but not least, our printed silicone rings are perfect to imprint messages onto them. All of these rings are great ways to advertise brands, be symbols of recognition for institutions, or be mementos from family trips!