Wedding & Engagement Yard Letters

For making your proposals officially, you can invite loved ones and organize celebrations directly at your home lawn. Neighbors would be interested to join in when they see your unique wedding yard decorations and take photographs with the couple.

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Create an element of surprise for that special someone as you think of proposing them for marriage by decorating your lawn with alphabet letter yard signs. Having unique touch of decorative style, these yard letters will draw the attention of your whole neighborhood. If you are planning to organize an outdoor wedding or engagement party, then use our yard letters. Manufactured from durable corrugated plastic, the yard letters are water proof and weather resistant to be used for outdoor weather conditions. Pre-packed with a complete message, the colorful alphabet letter yard signs will be used by the party guests for taking photographs. These lawn signs come with metal stakes to be easily grounded instantly at your walkways and driveways. Close to the hearts of couples, engagement and wedding are remembered through photographs and these yard letters will make them more colorful and vibrant. When the groom and bride to be exchange their rings, the yard letters will be great backdrops on outdoor locations. So, make your celebrations whimsical with outdoor lawn signs if you are hosting party at your yard. When you are embarking on the exciting journey of your life, make it memorable with the charming corrugated plastic yard letters.