Best Businesses to Advertise with Can Coolers 🍕

custom can coolers koozies

Can coolers are a great way to advertise for your group or business, but some businesses are better suited than others to take advantage of this unique promotional tool. We’ve compiled a list of the best businesses to utilize can coolers in their advertising strategy.

1. Bars

Bars and drinking holes are probably the most obvious businesses to benefit from the use of can coolers. Don’t just hand them out in your own bar. Be sure to find local events like festivals and pub crawls to give away your goodies to a targeted audience.

2. Wedding Services

It’s a surprise to some, but weddings may be the number one reason that people order can coolers. This is why businesses that offer wedding-related services like party venues, photographers, and food catering services may benefit from creating can coolers as giveaways. When soon-to-be-married couples are thinking about all the things they will have to plan and purchase for their weddings, they may see the free can cooler they got at an event lying around the kitchen or holding their beer.

3. Craft Breweries

Everyone seems to love craft breweries nowadays, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of the increased popularity by creating promotional products like can coolers. When a potential customer is complacently drinking their usual, bad choice of beer (probably Bud Light), the can cooler holding it may remind them that life is too short to settle for water-flavored alcoholic beverages.

4. Restaurants

Finally,  if you are a restaurant owner, consider using can coolers to spread the word about your establishment. You can design your own koozies here.

Koozies: What’s Up With the Name?

Ever wonder how the story of the koozie you are currently holding in your hand began? These cute, snuggly, outfits for cans and bottles were invented in the late 70’s in Australia! Some people first called them “Stubby Holders”. Very appropriate name, don’t you think? According to Mr. Wikipedia, these “Stubby Holders” have had over 20 different names, including the most popular one: Koozie.

beach cold koozie
Keeping your drinks cold on the beach!

Here are some other names for koozie:

  1.       “bawdle”
  2.       “beach”
  3.       “beer hugger”
  4.       “beer huggie”
  5.       “beer koozie”
  6.       “beer rubber”
  7.       “beer sleeve”
  8.       “bottle jacket”
  9.       “can cooler”
  10.    “candom”
  11.    “coastie”
  12.    “coldy-holdy”
  13.    “coolie”
  14.    “coosie”
  15.    “cozy”
  16.    “Custom Koozie”
  17.    “insulated can holder”
  18.    “stubby cooler”
  19.    “lovely pupper”
  20.    “drink sheath”

Koozies were called “cozy” (or cosy in British English) clearly because of the comfort they provided to their users. Later the “c” was replaced with “k” and the name gradually developed into what we now know as KOOZIE. Drinks needed to be kept cool at the beach, which explains some of its other names: Beach, Coldy-Holdy, Coolie, and Stubby Cooler. If you want to order your own koozies (or stubby cooler or bawdle) from expert printers, check out our site.

Number 10 is our personal favorite. Tell us which is yours!

Choosing a Wedding Date

Coming up with a great wedding date is one of the most important decisions you will make. Of course, you have thought about it before and got a few things figured out. You also have a few questions you need answers to. Picking a wedding date is unique and extraordinary for every couple because every couple is different.

The most significant factor that you need to take under consideration is the weather. Every season has its own beauty but spring should be the best among them as it is not too cold or warm. It is best to check out the past weather records in your state and make plans accordingly. Do not forget about the flowers. If you choose the spring season you might not get your favorite flowers and they are very important to beautify the wedding. Some people want their special day to be on a public holiday. It might sound amusing and we all like theme parties but you should re-evaluate putting your wedding date on a holiday. There are a few problems with a holiday wedding. Guests would prefer celebrating the holiday with themselves or their families. Yes, it is your special day, but guests are important for a great wedding. Also, on holidays the prices of car rentals, flights and hotels are off the chart.

After choosing the best season, choose a date which is very special to both of you and get started. Now you have to check the venue. If it is available on the day you chose then it is perfect and, if not, you have to sacrifice a little and choose a different venue if your date is very important. Make your wedding memorable by giving your guests something to remember. Can coolers are one of the best thing you can give your guests. They are very affordable and the best thing about them is you can put your own custom message on them, including your special date. We make custom can coolers that are both affordable and high in quality.

You can find this design and many others in our design studio.


The No-Phone Crowdfunding Project Review

The NoPhone is the ultimate solution that’s going to finally keep you from being disconnected from the outside world by offering you a technology free alternative to your mobile phone. Given the fact it aims at reducing smartphone addiction, the project has already amassed a total of 915 backers and it was successfully funded on October 30th. In total, NoPhone has pledged $18,316 to date which goes to show how seriously people take smartphone addiction.

The NoPhone looks similar to a regular smartphone, but without the technology inside it. On top of that, it’s waterproof, shatterproof, doesn’t require any upgrades and doesn’t use a battery. However, since this is not a real phone, it won’t include functions such as a camera, Bluetooth and it won’t make calls, but it won’t die on you if you drop it in your toilet bowl.

Other than that, you can also opt for the selfie upgrade which allows you to easily share selfies with your friends if they’re standing behind you. And if you want, you could also add a verbal hash tag.

Photo Book For Preservation Of Precious Memories

Photo books preserve and keep photos organized for many years. Precious memories, moments and people can be remembered by choosing a quality photo book and acid-free lignin paper that suits your needs. Different photo books come with different durability and quality since they have different styles, features and flexibility.

A good photo book will complement your photos without damaging them. You can collect all the necessary photos and make copies for other family members. Take your copies and use their corners or glue for attachment to your photo book. You can put down your precious memories, names of people in the photos, dates, year and location on the acid-free paper and attach it at the back of the photo.

It is advisable to take time and do a thorough research to ensure there are no chemicals in the album or acid-free papers that may destroy your photos. You can finalize by selecting a quality theme for the cover of your photo book.

Silicone Fashion

Silicone and fashion have, in the past few years, become synonymous with one another. The popular silicone wristbands are the most prevalent and fashionable pieces worn today. These rubber bracelets can be adorned with band names, friends names and favorite movies. Many new services are popping up that will personalize your silicone wristbands, proof of the staying power of these perfect accessories. The silicone wristbands are often used for awareness of diseases, with a portion of the revenues going to charitable foundations.

Fashion ability has merged with philanthropy with these little bands. Silicone wristbands are available in a variety of colors and can be worn at the office to show support or out on the town to express your individuality. Rubber bracelets are more than a fad, Hollywood stars and musicians have been spotted wearing them for years now, a fact that makes them a Hollywood mainstay and a perfect accentuation of your personality.
A lesser know use of silicone in fashion is the self-supporting and invisible silicone bra. Silicone has made fashion easier for women who want to wear a strapless dress or a low-cut top by providing a comfortable and fashionable support system. The uses of silicone in fashion stretch from comfortable insoles inside your shoes to silicone decorated boots and accessories to the racy silicone shirts and pants worn by stars in many music videos. Without the use of silicone, the fashion of the stars on the red carpet, as well as yourself, would not be the same.

Impacts of Climate Change on Sports

It’s not a story anymore, climate change is real and its impacts have already been felt in most parts of the world. For example, here in Australia during the 2014 Australian Open in Melbourne, the heat wave not only affected the health of the players but also spectators as well. Winter Olympic Games that Occurred in Sochi were affected by the snowy conditions, all linked to the uncontrollable climate change.

The climate Institute is undertaking a project aimed at researching on the impacts of climate change on sport. In today’s world, sports matters a lot and the benefits the country gets by hosting Olympics and other world sport events cannot be questioned. This research project can cost a minimum of $10,000. This money will be used in research and also in creating public awareness through social media platforms, photo essays, videos and graphics.

Although the Climate Institute is facing various challenges such as tax and other issues, it is devoted in creating awareness about the impacts of climate change on sports and other sectors and how climate change can affect Australian’s economy negatively. Because the negative impacts of climate change has already been felt, there is need for people to support this project so that experts can use the research findings to come up with workable mitigations.


CrowdFunding Projects for Great forest National Park

Whenever people unite give support to a course, it is bound to succeed. The Great Forest National Park usually abbreviated as GFNP needs to amalgamate small groups of small national parks to create an ecosystem and a recreational center. The project needs your support to raise over $60,000 to help fund the project. Intense study has been done and the project has been backed by a proposal of over 30 years of research by Professor David Lindenmayer from an Australian university. It is an ambitious project that looks to increase the size Melbourne’s reserve system from 150,000 hectares to 500,000 hectares.

When funding a project, there is nothing important as knowing you’re supporting a course that will benefit the whole community and generations to come. The Park will help balance the ecosystem which is essential for the health of all the people around Melbourne. For those pledging their support their names will be engraved in a plaque which will be set in the forest.

This is one selfless project that will help make the world a better place and all those pledging their support will receive one of the outstanding ecology books by Prof David. Changing the ecosystem to support both animal and human life is a worthy course that every person should support.

Link to the project:

H. Tang – An Exquisite Smart Watch for Women

Women from all over the world can now capitalize on the amazing features offered by the H. Tang watch. The first smart watch for women ever created, H. Tang is specially designed to make life simpler, easier and healthier. This watch syncs to your phone, being able to track your calorie intake, monitor UV radiation, calories burned and fluid management.

The H. Tang bracelet is waterproof, so you can wear it anytime during the day or night. To top it all, this gadget is a very fashionable piece of jewelry, adorned with Swarovski crystals and sapphires. You can make a fashion statement every single time you wear this watch at an event, conference or costume ball.

So far, the crowd funding project for this amazing smart watch that is going to hit the market soon has raised a staggering $38,060 from over 210 supporters. There are multiple options to donate and get involved in this project, so hop in and be part of this amazing project (

Jessica Holt and Her Debut EP

A Pledge for Jessica Holt and Her Debut EP – A Soulful Artist, A Once in a Lifetime Chance to the Big Podium

So basically, I was scanning through the list for Crowdfunding Projects that I may want to pledge for. There’s this girl that really picked my attention. Her name’s Jessica Holt. She plays the guitar. She sings. A simple yet profound mix that captivates the ear, the mind and the soul of anybody who gets to hear her by any chance. It’s high time that this one artist really goes to the bigger pool of audience out there.

Guitar music Jessica HoltWho is Jessica Holt?
Jessica’s heart has always belonged to playing the guitar and singing. Simply put, she’s into music.
Jessica spends most of her time penning new songs and she has spent a lot of time doing it in actual studios, too. She has been given the opportunity to prove herself worthy and was successful in such attempt, mainly with one of her masterpieces called “Don’t Fall Behind.”

The song is about struggling to reach for what you want to achieve and life and sometimes people and circumstances can pull you down. It tells how, by all means, a person should never fall behind just because of a single failure. After all, we all learn from our mistakes. So in our failures, we should draw on the learnings and move forward.

What is Jessica Holt up to?

Jessica wants nothing but for her ultimate dream to come true: to release her debut EP. This is the year she feels it would happen and her instincts can gain the affirmation it needs with your help to pledge for this wonderful project. If successful, she can finally have her album produced along with the mixed versions of each song. Then, her record will be re-mastered at a prestigious recording studio in NYC with finality being the printing of her album.

Jessica Holt
Jessica Holt

One thing about Jessica is that I feel like we have a connection. In a way, she reminds me of how my hubby used to nail a guitar piece for me back in the old days. And oh, with the kindness of pledging for her debut EP, she has prepared a set of rewards in return to all the support she gets.

Let us give the youth a chance to achieve their dreams. Let us start by helping the lovely Jessica Holt.

Jessica Holt