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Plastic Card Holders

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Plastic card holders and personalized lanyards have become essential for individuals and organizations in today's fast-paced environment. When holding membership and identification cards, clear badge holders offer professionalism, ease, and security. Whether for corporate events, promotional campaigns, or everyday use, plastic card holders paired with custom lanyards ensure they efficiently meet various needs.

Plastic Card Holders

Are you looking for durable and versatile solutions to secure your identification to your promo lanyards? A convenient accessory like a plastic card holder safely stores and safeguards many kinds of cards, including credit, business, and identity cards. Usually composed of sturdy plastic, these plastic ID card holders are long-lasting and resistant to deterioration. The clear badge holders offer protection from bending, scratches, and other damages and facilitate easy visibility of the card details.

Plastic card holders, such as plastic ID card holders or plastic badge holders, are helpful tools for keeping important cards safe and organized in daily life, whether used for work or personal use. Explore our range of high-quality plastic card holders today for a practical and professional solution to your identification needs. With our plastic lanyard card holder, you can trust in the security and longevity of your credentials.

Custom Lanyard Cards

Personalized lanyard card printing provides a polished, unified appearance that improves organization and security while fostering brand familiarity. With our lanyard card printing services, you can easily personalize your badges. Stand out from the crowd with custom lanyard cards that reflect your brand identity and message. Personalized lanyard cards are adaptable instruments utilized in various settings and establishments for branding, access control, and identification.

Usually composed of sturdy plastic, these cards include individualized patterns, emblems, or details unique to the user or occasion. Whether utilized for business, conference, or festival contexts, custom lanyard cards and event lanyards offer a useful approach to showcase credentials and a chance for promotion.

Order Clear Badge Holders in Bulk

Bulk orders for clear badge holders are wise for companies, events, or groups needing identification protection solutions. For large-scale businesses, bulk purchases ensure enough supply at a reasonable cost.

Clear badge holders shield IDs and access cards from damage while allowing them to be easily seen and accessible. Because of the holder's adaptability, they can be utilized in various locations, including offices, conferences, conventions, and schools.

By ordering in bulk, organizations may simplify their identification procedures and guarantee uninterrupted operations without worrying about running out of supplies.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.What are the standard sizes of plastic card holders?

Plastic card holders come in various sizes to accommodate varying card dimensions. The standard size is 3.5 inches x 2.25 inches, which is the size of a credit card, and it is most commonly used with PVC cards.

2. What materials are card holders made of?

Card holders can be made from various materials, depending on their purpose, design, and intended use. Some common materials include leather, soft plastic, hard plastic, metal, fabric, and carbon fiber.

3. Can plastic badge holders be recycled?

Many plastic badge holders and card holders can be recycled, depending on the kind of plastic used in their manufacturing. Verifying with nearby recycling centers is imperative to guarantee appropriate disposal and recycling procedures.

4. What sizes of cards do your holders accommodate?

We accommodate different card sizes based on your preferred Badge Holder Types. Examples below.

Zip Badge Holder

  • Badge Holder Size 3.875"W x 3.25"H - Actual Insert Size 3.75" W x 2.5" H
  • Badge Holder Size 4.5"W x 3.75"H - Actual Insert Size 4.375" W x 2.8" H
  • Badge Holder Size 2.5"W x 4.5"H - Actual Insert Size 2.375" W x 3.7" H
  • Badge Holder Size 3"W x 5.25"H - Actual Insert Size 2.875" W x 4.25" H
  • Badge Holder Size 4.69"W x 4.33"H - Actual Insert Size 4.5"W x 3.5"H

Badge Holder With Pin & Badge Holder With Bulldog Clip

  • Vertical 3.5"W x 2.25"H
  • Vertical 4"W x 3"H
  • Horizontal 2.25"W x 3.5"H
  • Horizontal 3"W x 4"H

5. Are custom lanyard cards suitable for small businesses?

Custom lanyard cards are an excellent way for small businesses to demonstrate professionalism and brand awareness while enhancing functionality. Using custom lanyard cards for employee identification creates a polished and cohesive image for your business. This will leave a positive impression on clients, customers, and partners.

They are also cost-effective, especially when ordered in bulk, making them a practical choice for businesses looking to maintain a professional appearance without breaking the bank.

6. Do you offer customizable options for card holders?

Yes, we offer customizable options for card holders as linked below;

7. What types of card holders are available?

We offer various card holders that cater to different needs and preferences such as wallet-style holders, badge holders, ID holders, business card holders, plastic name badge holders, clear name tag holders, plastic lanyard card holders, and more.

Our selection ensures durability, versatility, and convenience for organizing and displaying identification cards, badges, and other essential cards in various settings, including offices, conferences, events, and schools.

8. Can your card holders be used vertically and horizontally?

Yes, our card holders can typically be used both vertically and horizontally. Most of our card holders are designed with versatility, allowing them to accommodate cards of various orientations.

This flexibility makes our cardholders suitable for various applications, such as displaying identification badges, business cards, or informational signage.

9. Do you provide options for single or multiple card holders?

Yes, we provide options for single and multiple card holders. Customers can typically choose from various designs, materials, and customization options to create personalized card holders that suit their needs.