Matchboxes & Toothpick Boxes

When people plan wedding ceremonies, they tend to give out invitation packages filled with goodies. Many people include customized wedding matchboxes and toothpick boxes in these packages. Also, hosting Halloween parties and Thanksgiving dinners involve a lot of décors around the place. Having customized matchboxes and toothpick boxes around the dinner table or living room can bring the vibe of the festivity even more. People also use personalized toothpick boxes and matchboxes for promotional purposes.

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Our matchboxes have many varieties in shapes and customizations. We have three types of toothpick boxes as well. For wedding ceremonies, you could go with our custom lipstick book matchboxes or our custom little matchboxes. Our custom classic matchboxes and custom toothpick boxes are perfect for festivities. Transform our full color matchboxes and screen-printed matchboxes into promotional giveaways! Our other toothpicks that come in rectangle shaped and semi-truck shaped toothpick boxes can be used to bring your brand onto clients’ hands