Soap & Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

These are trying times that we are living in; however, we need to adapt in order to survive and move on properly. So, that would require us to avoid some products and embrace those that are beneficial for the society as a whole. Following that train of thought, public places must install necessary sanitary amenities, such as soap and hand sanitizers.

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Our collection of soap and hand sanitizers include various products in terms of different aspects. We have automatic soap dispensers that either dispense gel soap or spray liquid soap on your hands when you run them below the automatic sensors. These come with 32 oz. of refill; where the gel soap comes with an additional charge and the liquid soap is free. These sanitizer dispensers are perfect for largely populated areas such as banks, restaurants, and shopping malls. Next in our collection are push style sanitizer dispensers and the name is pretty self-explanatory. You can use either gel or liquid soap in this dispenser and it is made with environment-friendly carbon material. This is best suited for private uses, such as, your home. Then, we have automatic soap dispensers with three nozzles; spray nozzle, gel/liquid nozzle and foam nozzle. We also have countertop automatic soap dispensers in two different sizes. These are for individual uses, such as, in hotel bathrooms, cash-out counters, and reception spaces. We have full color promotional hand sanitizer stations that are customizable and are intended for campaign uses or for entryways of various public places. Lastly, we have some accessories for soap dispensers; table stands, floor stands, and 1 gallon dispenser pumps.