Children's Toys

If you handle the supplies at a day-care or are a kid’s store that launched recently, you should be focusing on the one category of items that matter the most: toys. We have quite the assortment so that children will be excited to play with different types of toys. With our easy imprinting method, you can promote your company via the toys.

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Owning a toy store, you should know that there is no better way to advertise your brand than by having your logo imprinted on toys. Make your brand advertisements enjoyable with promotional children’s toys, such as custom fidget spinners, cube and infinity puzzles, and slinkies. Starting from customizable plush toys, yoyos, water-guns, molding clay, dough play pack to foam saber swords, beach sets, slap bracelets and whoopee cushions, we offer a variety of kids’ toys. Getting creative by letting kids play with puzzles, molding clay and dough play packs will allow them to get some educational insight. Their strategic and calculative skills will hone as they try to solve the puzzles. They could mold out alphabets, numbers or animals and learn about them. A plush toy will act as a kid’s companion that they could take the toy anywhere they go. Saber swords and water guns will allow the child’s imagination to grow by visualizing scenarios in their mind. Kids could perform tricks with the yoyos, build sand castles with the beach sets and play pranks with the whoopee cushions and slap bracelets. All our toys are safe for children of all ages to play with.