Protective Eyewear

Your eyes are among the most important parts of your body because without them, you would lose your ability to see. That is why it is vital that you keep them safe while being around harmful products. Use our protective eye-wear to avoid accidents and contamination.

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If you are a teacher that deals with subjects related to science, you will have to conduct practical classes. The school will need to provide safety precautions to students to prevent any accidents from taking place. One of the most difficult and risky jobs in the workplace is handling production, as people constantly need to be around toxic substances for which protection is highly required. Also, transferences for various viruses are occurred through mucous organs, such nose, lips and eyes. During this pandemic, besides staying safe and washing hands, it is crucial to not touch our faces as much. It might prove hard at times, which is why protective eye-wear could come in handy. We have a few types of safety eye-gears for different uses; anti-fog, dust-proof and framed ones that fit most eye-glasses. The materials used to make these eye-gears are mainly polycarbonate. They are scratch-resistant and quite durable to withstand risky situations. The sizing is one size and the protective eye-wear come as blank products as they are not customizable items.