Paper Bags

Our paper bags with handles are a great, eco-friendly alternative than using plastic bags. If you have a business in retail or wholesale, you should order bulk paper bags from our collection! Not only will these personalized paper bags have your business name and logo, but they will also carry your brand to various places. With the help of our custom paper bags, you can increase ongoing branding and tremendous promotional exposure for your company.

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8 X 10 Inch Custom Paper Shopping Bag With Handles
10 X 13 Inch Custom Paper Shopping Bag With Handles
12 X 14.5 Inch Tamper Evident Shopping Bags
14.5 X 16.25 Inch Tamper Evident Shopping Bags
3.5 X 6.5 Inch Paper Peanut Bags
4.5 X 5.5 Inch Jewel Gloss Foil Hot Stamp Paper Bags
5 X 12 Inch Paper Pharmacy Bags
7.75 X 9.75 Inch Crystal Gloss Paper Bags
7.75 X 9.75 Inch Eco Shopper Mini Paper Gift Bags
8 X 10 Inch Gloss Laminated Paper Eurototes
9.5 X 5 Inch Natural Kraft Gable Boxes
9.5 X 5 Inch White Gloss Gable Boxes
Cub Kraft Paper Bag
Cub Kraft White Bag
Debbie Kraft Paper Bag
Debbie White Bag
Double Wine Kraft Bag
Gloss Laminated Paper Eurototes
Mart Kraft Paper Bag
Mart White Paper Bag
Matte Laminated Paper Eurototes
Queen Paper Bag
Rose Kraft Bag
Rose White Bag
Star Kraft Paper Bag

In our collection of paper bags, there are varieties available in shapes, colors, and sizes. Our brown paper bags are made out of Kraft Paper, which gives them that natural tan color. After shopping for groceries, you could bring those home in our Kraft paper bags. Carry all your newly bought apparel and accessories in our white paper bags! You could also buy some wine to congratulate your newly promoted colleague and give it to them in our wine paper bags. Distribute promotional giveaways in custom gift bags at corporate events, conferences, and tradeshows to add a professional touch.