Business Card Magnets

When it comes to boosting your brand identity, nothing works better than unique business cards that will stick into the minds of your recipients. These heavy-duty cards can be used as membership IDs and marketing tools to connect with business associates.
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Business Card Magnets will set your brand apart from other competitors with their sleek and professional appearance. Compared to standard paper business cards, the magnetized cards will be kept by your recipients for initiating further communication. Besides, if you are looking to print PVC cards online, then you can print our Full Color Printed PVC Cards which are available in various sizes. Customize them with your name, company address, contact information, and brand logo to turn them into powerful advertising mediums. Hand them out to potential customers, sponsors, and business partners for creating brand exposure. If anyone needs to contact you back, they will have the information readily accessible. Get these eye-catching magnets and PVC cards distributed to authorized personnel, students, clients, and employees at conferences, marketing campaigns, fairs, and fundraiser events. The brand owners, event organizers, and entrepreneurs can boost their brand identity with these cards to create lasting impression on target recipients. Put your name on the lead by distributing full color PVC cards and business card magnets that will encourage customer retention. Having higher perceived value, their realistic application will increase interests among clients to ensure repeat exposure of your business and brand name in the long run.