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Custom Lanyards

Planning a function for charity or awareness purposes? Need office accessories for your start-up? Organizing a musical gig? If your answer is positive to any of these questions, then look no further than our custom lanyards!

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Custom lanyards may be one of the most essential accessories when it comes to events related to business, education, or cautionary matters. Mostly used for identification badges, tickets and access cards, lanyards are great as company swag or promotional giveaways. Since it is such an important item that elevates the overall professional and formal look of the wearer, customization plays a huge factor. To avoid jumbling of texts and designs, minimal lanyard personalization options are best. Our stock already has good pre-designed templates for lanyard designs. We have various styles of lanyards: full color, tube, glitter, woven, short wrist, cord, rhinestone and many more. There are also necessary attachments and hooks like, metal bulldog clip, metal J-hook, metal key ring, metal lobster claw, metal no swivel hook, plastic hook, plastic oval hook, metal slide hook, plastic canteen clip, carabiner double clip, ID badge reel, buckle release for detachable purposes and two phone attachments. The lanyards have different stitches as well; metal nail, metal clip, sewing, metal bead, and plastic length adjuster. All the lanyards are mainly made of two fabrics namely, nylon and polyester. We also have ID badge holders of a few sizes that you can order with your lanyards.