Medical Protective Clothing

People interact on a regular basis due to jobs, errands and other necessities. They need to be extra
cautious while going out to public spaces. We have the perfect medical clothing in order to serve that
exact purpose.

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Our medical protective clothing is strictly for civilian use as it provides the best daily protection. We do
not sell medical grade protective gear to the general public as doctors and physicians are always
prioritized for that necessary equipment. However, there are people who have to work in incredibly
high-risk places and they require full body protection. Considered to be the ultimate form of safety wear for civilians, our stock consists of durable medical protective clothing that prevents droplets, chemical splashes, spittle and other kinds of body fluids. Apart from daily uses, this protective gear could also be worn by employees who deal with noxious materials at manufacturing warehouses and research laboratories. We have a few full body suits and a couple of face shields of varying styles. The disposable gowns are made of non-woven fabric material and dustproof that are easy to wear and take off. We also have heavy-duty isolation gowns that are PE coated and water-resistant. Our face-shields are made of durable transparent PVC so they are reusable for many days.