Custom Backpacks

Design your own backpack for yourself, you team, employees or business to promote your business or show off your creativity.

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We have been a backpack maker for many years and served different establishments, organizations, and businesses. Perfect for students, marketing giveaways, personal use or create various and well-designed backpacks for your future store. We use the best technology available allowing us to reinvent the printing process of the custom backpack to become more efficient and reliable. The prints do not fade or fracture even after a few washes. Recommended for everyone!

Designing and ordering online: If you are not well versed in designing your own backpack, we can help you from start to finish. To start the process, we provide a collection of custom backpacks with wide selections of styles and materials to pick your base products. You can then search and choose from any of the pre designed templates or upload your own artwork. Our design approval team will then decide if the design fits the product print space so we can check if the dimension requires adjustments.

Customize your own backpacks with an easy to use order system. We have got everything you need to make it look great. The printing area is smooth and any graphics applied on the surface are noticeably clear and vibrant. If you selected a pre designed template to make your own custom backpack, select your print color from our long list of options. The print application is reliable and coated with protection so the ink will not fade or easily crack after several uses and washes. The fun part of bringing your designs on your bags is the freedom to express yourself without influencing other famous brands. Start to create your own backpack now. Email us now or call to talk to our friendly customer representative teams.

Our Collection: View our collection of high-quality backpacks that vary in sizes, styles, and colors. Many of the custom backpack items have adjustable ergonomic straps added with a panel at the padded back for a comfortable carry. Carrying your things is made easier on your shoulders. We also carry a multitude of custom drawstring backpacks perfect for carrying gym clothes or practice clothes for school teams and club sports. In addition, we have clear backpacks and sling backpacks for those not having to carry as much stuff.

For all ages and unisex: The power of creating your own backpack is the freedom to express your creativity without limits. You have the ability to customize the design on the entire space, including front, top, and side through sublimations. Find the ideal style for men and women or children.

For school: The absolute custom bookbag designs are suitable to carry books and food. You can design your own backpack for personal use as well. They are popular among schools and universities to help you carry your books and laptops. The front area can be personalized with your kid’s favorite TV show, their monogram or name. We can do backpack design with vibrant color printed with sharp details that your bag stands out in the class.

For the Outdoorsy: If you are targeting customers who like outdoor activities or carry a lot of things outside, then this is a new suitable product for them. Because of its value and purpose, not only are academic individuals using it but also people who travel a lot. These bags are a must-have on your planned adventures such as hiking, fishing, and many more. Like the other uses, bags are suitable to keep your belongings safe while bringing your gadgets at any level of movements, weather conditions, and any circumstances. No matter what activities get arranged, we recommend creating your own backpacks and selling them to customers who love to go out and go for outdoor activities.

For your business: You can also get a custom design backpack with your logo, school, or brand designs to advertise everywhere 24/7. Display your backpack designs with your logo, full white background with noticeably clear shots. You can use custom backpacks to gift your employees or students. They will wear the backpack with your logo as extra advertising for your company or event. You can also customize your own string backpacks for trade show events as giveaways for promotional value.

You can also sell your own backpack designed with your event or cause. Aside from outdoor uses, other people will buy because of several reasons. One, fitness activists cannot exercise without it. They carry most of their important wearables and gadgets in the gym. Meanwhile, corporate office workers need a bag to carry their laptops and important documents of their work. In schools, we already know that all students require them for their books, notebooks, and other things like lunch boxes. You may customize your book bag too.

Related Products & Accessories: You can browse the rest of the site to shop for accessories to put in or your custom bookbag. Such as pin buttons, pens, stickers, name badges, keychains, USBs, etc. All of which are customizable and the more you buy the cheaper they get. You can also get custom t-shirts and jackets with your logo or brand to match your custom backpacks.