Disinfectant Wipes & Hand Wipes

Many populated spaces are now revamping their sanitary facilities due to the ongoing pandemic. However, there still might be places where you will need to disinfect yourself and there might not be any sanitizers available nearby. We have various hand wipes and disinfectant wipes for those specific times.

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Our collection of wipes varies in amount, type and size. First, we have a travel friendly pack of 10 antibacterial wet wipes. These are perfect for outdoor ventures; for example, when you go on hikes, tours and camping vacations. We also have ones that come in packs of 15 wipes, are full colored and customizable, so you can use them to advertise your company during promotional events. Then, we have moist towelettes that come in packs of one that you can use after you finish shopping for groceries, before going to serve customers or other activities. Next, we have antibacterial wipes that come in resealable pouches. There are packs, containers and buckets of 20, 80, 100 and 400 wipes respectively. The smaller ones can be used personally and the bigger ones could be for familial use. The bucket of 400 wipes is customizable as well, so these can be used for promotional purposes as well. If you are looking for a more economical option, we have instant hand sanitizer gel packets. However, if you would like to invest a little more for marketing campaigns and as such, we have customizable, essential health kits that come in these four options; basic, deluxe, kid-friendly and first-aid essentials.