Shipping Tapes

Business and home owners will need our shipping tapes to secure and seal their packages for delivery to desired locations. We have quality masking tapes and transparent office tapes which contains hot melt adhesive that gives strong holding power.

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Sealing packages, boxes, and cartons will require general purpose masking tapes or clear packing tapes based on your needs. So, based on tensile strength, elongation, and backing material, you can choose to order the proper tape that you need for your tasks. Businesses and shipping companies can order our best packing tapes to meet their packaging needs. We have the general purpose masking tapes which are basically used during painting for protecting surfaces that should not be painted. Generally, they contain paper backing and easy to remove adhesive for that reason. Other than that, our quality masking tapes can be used also for blueprint drafting or autobody repair. Conversely, order clear packing tapes if you need to repair torn papers, seal envelopes, hold light objects, or wrap gifts. Courier services can order both kinds of shipping tapes to seal their product before sending them out for delivery. For bundling products and sealing boxes, the needs of shipping tapes are undeniable. For keeping the packages properly sealed when they is exposure to moisture, it will be better if you use clear packing tapes which are water-resistant. Alternatively, for non-critical labeling and bundling applications, use our general purpose masking tapes. If you are frequently packaging envelopes, mailers, and boxes, then order both transparent office tapes and general purpose masking tapes as they comes with great sealing strength.