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Airplane Glider
Boinks! (r) Fidget Toy
Chelsea Plush Dog
Chelsea Plush Honey Bear Teddy Bear
Chelsea Plush Manny Monkey
Collapsible Nylon Folding Flyer
Critter Piller Kid's Neck Pillow
Dogo (tm) Relax And Play Creative Dough
Foam Saber Sword
Foam Water Gun
Funky Foam Flyer
Rubber Duck
Soft Touch Baseball
Soft Touch Basketball
Super Hoopster
Yo-yo Bungee Stress Relievers

In their childhood, every kid’s dream is to receive best soft toys which they can play with everyday. After getting them, children will be more attached to their cute soft toys during their bedtimes. The furry little companions will always be carried around everywhere you take them! Like kids, adults also like to own plush toys and carry them when traveling or sleeping. Regardless of age, soft toys are loved by everyone even in the technological age as they make everyone’s favorite soft companions to cuddle with. Give your children our plush toys that will help to develop their sensory and motor skills. We have assortment of airplane gliders, fidget toys, Chelsea plush dogs, Chelsea plush honey bear teddy bears, Chelsea plush Manny monkeys, collapsible nylon folding flyers, Critter Piller kid’s neck pillows, Dogo relax and play creative doughs, foam water guns, funky foam flyers, lite-up soft flying discs, foam puzzles, foam saber swords, rubber ducks, soft touch baseballs, soft touch basketballs, super hoopsters, yo-yo bungee stress relievers that you order. It is found through research, that everyone has a special bond that they create with their plush toys. More than what meets the eye; cute soft toys are source of incredible happiness and joy. Give them at tradeshows, community fairs, marketing campaigns and holiday events.