Custom Sunglasses

Shine a light on your brand or event with a pair of custom printed sunglasses.

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Customized Sunglasses are the perfect promotional option for outdoor enthusiasts, businesses and those planning an event taking place in the sun. They are great beach or garden wedding favors and are very popular at fundraisers and other events. Get your own custom-made sunglasses today!

Our collection: Shop from our extensive collection of frames and make your own sunglasses by choosing your desired specifications for the design to represent your brand! Our collection of custom sunglasses are made with durable and high-quality materials. We have sunglasses that come in one solid color, two tones, black frames, white frames, and foldable options. We even have polarized, translucent, and glow in the dark options. Our personalized sunglasses are available in different colors and come with coated lenses. We offer the most competitive prices on the market with speedy turnaround times. 

You can order a small batch of custom sunglasses to surprise loved ones, staff, clients, and business associates as they wear the shades outdoors for shielding their eyes! This item is also helpful for driving and reduces high glare, causing strong reflections from the sunlight. Personalized sunglasses make an uncontested style statement because they are great accessories for reflecting your personality and attitude. 

Ordering Custom Design Sunglasses Online: If you are wondering “Where can I design my own sunglasses,” wonder no more. You can create your own sunglasses using our web customization tools to incorporate your own sunglasses design, whether it be your business or event information, to print on your chosen sunglasses. You can also simply upload your own design to custom design sunglasses. Since the print area on personalized sunglasses is restricted to the temple of the sunglasses, one should consider design print limitations based on size of print area. Clear lines and text without too much detail will allow for a clear and quality print. You can request a proof to see what your design will look like on the eyewear before paying and proceeding with your order. Sample requests can also be made for an additional charge. Ordering custom made sunglasses can be as easy as that.

Promotional Value: Create your own branded style statements and generate promotional buzz with Custom Sunglasses! Everyone wearing custom sunglasses with your logo will publicize your business and take your brand to the next level. They will draw the attention of potential customers, sponsors, and patrons at high-profile events with our custom designed sunglasses. Your recipients are sure to take them everywhere as stylish accessories, practical tools and defensive eyewear against the glare of the sun. Therefore, maximize brand exposure and show your gratitude towards business partners, clients, loved ones, and employees by giving them branded custom made sunglasses.

For Your Business, Brand or event: The item has high recognition in the market because of its inexpensive and simplistic style with printing that rarely fades. Providing year-round promotions on everyone’s eyes, our extensive range of custom sunglasses will remind recipients of your thoughtful gesture. Meeting your professional or personal needs, personalized sunglasses will commemorate your brand and special events. Imprinted with your brand logos for everyone to see, your custom-made sunglasses will be one-of-a-kind giveaways that will provide a timeless silhouette and be classic trendsetters for the target crowd!

Other Uses: Your personalized sunglasses will be a massive hit among your target audience at graduation ceremonies, family get-together picnics, camping trips, marketing campaigns, festivals, and exhibitions. You can also design your own glasses to hand out as product launch gifts, goodie bag inserts, or party souvenirs. Another great use for personalized sunglasses is for sale or giveaway at school sporting events that usually take place outdoors. There are sure to be a hit among fans looking to support your team in any way they can. As shades are people’s favorite eyewear, they will wear the custom fit sunglasses anywhere they go! Eyewear not only constitutes a form of protection from the sun but has now become a part of fashion. Hence, design your own sunglasses to add fashion and glamour to your personal occasions and promotional campaigns. Nothing can beat the charm of custom sunglasses! As a practical means of representing your business in a positive manner, personalized sunglasses will be the perfect promotional tool or gift within the unbeatable prices!

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