Poly Mailer Shipping Bags

Handling deliveries of large quantities is rather hassling on its own, let alone finding the right packaging for the products. Purchase from our stock of poly mailer shipping bags to help you deliver your orders down the street and around the world securely.

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Poly mailer shipping bags are considered to be standard packaging for lightweight and non-fragile items such as apparel, jewelry and books. Our collection of these shipping bags are manufactured for optimum protection during both local and international deliveries. These seal-protected bags ensure that the contents inside are devoid of dust and dirt. Made of co-extruded polyethylene film, the poly mailer shipping bags are water-resistant and tear-proof. The adhesive of the bags is quite high quality that fastens the bag instantly upon closing. Order has to be placed for a minimum amount of 100 bags as they come in packs of 100pcs. We have different sizes of bags available for items of varying proportions. With the smaller sizes, you can deliver jewelry and other compact items. The larger bags will help in delivering apparel and bigger, non-fragile products.