Other Protective Accessories

In workplaces, employers can keep personal protective equipment for employees that can be used during emergencies. We have personalized fly swatters, waterproof shoe covers, acrylic sanitary keys, and soft silicone ear savers that people will need.

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Reduce the chance of contact with germs by using our personal protective equipment like acrylic sanitary keys that will let you touch objects and push buttons without any contact. Our branded fly swatters will be popular among clients and employees as they keep flies and insects away while you serve or visit stores. During rainy days, custom shoe covers will keep your shoes dry and keep them protected from dirt. To motivate people to carry hand sanitizers, you can give them custom silicone hand sanitizer bottle holders that they will use for carrying sanitizers. To prevent your ears from chafing due to extended hours of wearing masks, you can use our soft silicone ear savers. Remind your target crowd of your brand’s thoughtful gesture in this way by giving them personal protective equipment and accessories. Among our wide assortments of personal protective equipment, we have 15 Inch Fly Swatters, 16 Inch Fly Swatters, Anti-Dust Disposable Shoe Covers, Custom Electric Fly Swatters, Custom Non-Woven Fabric Shoe Covers, Custom Silicone Bottle Holders for 1oz Hand Sanitizers, Disposable Non Woven Shoe Covers, Large Standard Fly Swatters, Mini Standard Fly Swatters, Protective Shoe Covers, Touch Free Acrylic Sanitary Keys, Soft Silicone Ear Savers, or Touch Free Multifunctional Metal Keychains.