Writing Sets

In corporate events, tradeshows, seminars, and conventions, custom colored pencil sets is going to be huge hits among the younger crowd. With their splash of colors, they are sure to draw attention of kids who would love to use them to color and sketch.

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Educational institutions, creative camps, and art schools can order 5 pack colored pencils to giveaway among their students as promotional gifts. Allowing recipients to draw in an endless combination of colors, these custom colored pencil sets will unleash their creative side! Imprint these promotional writing sets with brand logos, contact information, phone numbers, and slogans to turn them into ideal marketing tools. Our 5 pack colored pencils have sharp writing tips and solid grip to let you color or draw shades in drafts. Since they will be shared from one person to another during coloring, recipients will notice printed promotional messages on them. Promote club fairs, art events, and educational seminars with distribution of these promotional writing sets among students and young attendees to create exposure for your brand or institution. Utilize promotional writing sets to draw out and sketch the basics of your maps, ideas and catalogs. As practical drawing instruments, they will help make your art projects come to life. Teachers can give our custom colored pencil sets to students as incentives for performing well in the art class. Uplift the moods of your youngsters by giving them 5 pack colored pencils that they will use to spend time on coloring and drawing pictures. This will certainly help developing their drawing skills.