Custom Napkins

When guests take on their seats at dinner tables, they would love to see table settings with custom napkins. For instance, personalized birthday napkins and personalized graduation napkins will be best keepsakes for guests to take home as party souvenirs.

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Full Color 3ply Premium Beverage Napkins
2ply Economy Beverage Napkins
3ply Premium Beverage Napkins
Dinner Napkins
Luncheon Napkins
Airlaid Linen-like Beverage Napkins
Airlaid Linen-like Buffet Guest Napkins
Airlaid Linen-like Dinner Napkins
2ply Foil Stamped Beverage Napkins
3ply Foil Stamped Beverage Napkins
Foil Stamped Dinner Napkins
Foil Stamped Luncheon Napkins
3ply Foil Stamped Guest Towel Napkins
3ply Guest Towel Napkins
Blank 2ply Economy Beverage & Cocktail Napkins
Blank 3ply Guest Towel Napkins
Blank 3ply Premium Beverage & Cocktail Napkins
Blank Dinner Napkins
Blank Luncheon Napkins

In birthdays, graduation ceremonies, weddings, anniversaries, and corporate dinners, our custom dinner napkins will be ideal tools to embellish your tables and drink stations. Get them personalized with your brand logos, names, event dates, and contact information to turn them into mementos. Add elegance and wrap up the drinkware with Airlaid cocktail napkins, screen printed napkins, foil stamped napkins, full color custom cocktail napkins, and custom dinner napkins. We have different types of 2ply and 3ply napkins, so choose the one that suit your event theme and budget. Our plethora of napkin collections include 2ply economy and 3ply premium beverage, dinner, luncheon, 2ply and 3ply foil stamped beverage, foil stamped dinner, foil stamped luncheon, Airlaid linen like beverage, buffet guest or dinner napkins, blank 2ply and 3ply beverage and cocktail napkins, blank dinner and luncheon napkins, and full color 3ply beverage napkins. Keep personalized napkins ready in stacks at beverage station during happy hours to make celebrations neat and tidy. To wipe off crumbs, spills, stains, and water marks, custom napkins will be the best tools. Within affordable budget, custom napkins with logo will promote and create advertising opportunities at catering events and corporate dinners brightening up the table aesthetics!