Custom Cloth Wristbands

When you add cloth wristbands to any look, the entire aesthetic changes. Additionally, they give out a sense of solidarity among everyone who wears them. Cloth wristbands are often given out on public events to attendees. To ensure hassle-free exit and entrance, music festivals and concerts give out cloth wristbands as well.

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There are three types of cloth wristbands available in our stock: custom cloth wristbands, custom woven cloth wristbands and fluorescent neon full color cloth wristbands. Made of satin, our fluorescent neon full color cloth wristbands can be customized in vivid details. Our custom woven cloth wristbands might pique the interest of environment friendly companies as they are made of eco-friendly polyester. They can be woven in 2 imprint colors with promotional messages, multicolored bold graphics and brand logos. Last but not least, the custom cloth wristbands are made of high-quality satin, highly secured, comfortable and stretch-resistant with their tamper-proof black plastic one-way lock that can be put on easily to keep your admissions secure.