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When meetings and activities resume, attendees will face a difficult decision: how close should I get to someone? It can be more unusual than the hugging or high-fiving dance. People will have a wide variety of comfort levels with physical closeness and touch when they re-enter the group environment. It may be uncomfortable to let others know — or try to read others’ — greeting preferences. Custom wristbands are the ideal goodie to let others know about your comfort zone while respecting theirs.


Our everyday routines at work, school, and other activities got severely disruptive, as quarantining and face masks became more popular. We need to find ways to adjust to our “new normal.” One of those methods is to color classify social distance needs with our custom silicone wristbands!

A green color-coded wristband means that a person is okay with being approached at shorter distances. A yellow color-coded wristband can specify more indirect physical contact was welcome, like an elbow bump or air high-five. And a red color-coded wristband could typically mean that no direct contact is preferred, no exceptions.

This color-coded approach usually tends to be the most helpful in mass gathering events like weddings or tradeshows. For couples postponing their big day for months back and forth, these silicone wristbands will help their guests stay reassured about their safety also let the event finally pass by a lot smoother. Moreover, the guests can choose between green, yellow, and red silicone wrist bands to indicate their comfort level when interacting with other guests.

For huge gatherings like tradeshows, these color-coded silicone wristbands can also help gain customer loyalty every time they receive one of them while visiting your booth. You can also make sure your employees wear wristbands according to their comfort levels while communicating with customers.

Our Printed Silicone Wristbands could be the ideal marketing tool for your business. They come manufactured from 100% synthetic silicone (non-toxic and non-allergenic) personalized with your intended message, logo, and designs on them.


As meetings and events restart, attendees may confront additional social hurdles as they interact in group settings where other attendees’ comfort levels may be unknown. For one-time grand events or parties as such, you may create a safer experience on a budget with Tyvek & paper wrist bands that clearly express attendee comfort levels. They serve as highly visible tickets on wrists that allow your attendees to see where everyone’s comfort zone stands. Guests attending these business seminars and events will be color-coded in the same way, ensuring everyone knows how to approach one another.

Educational institutions, tourist spots, businesses, hospitals, amusement parks, and leisure centers can giveaway these wristbands to the registered guests to help promote social distancing. You can color-code and customize them with vibrant graphics, company logos, and adverts. You will thenhelp create little billboards for your brand.


Whether you look forward to back-to-school season this year or not, it’s a great time to start planning as you revisit the chitters of students and teachers soothing through the halls. But this time, stocking your luggage with masks and sanitizers, rather than just back-to-school goods, has become more important! Our custom vinyl wristbands can be the ideal goodies to promote social distancing for this year’s school season.

You can customize them with subtle self-hygiene and safe distance quotes with pop art styles to grab children’s attention. Wearing matching custom vinyl wristbands will allow your students to understand the depth of social distancing and feel connected as they start their journey amidst this pandemic. These color-coded vinyl wristbands not only elevates safety precautions but also creates a neat and alert working environment.


Businesses are preparing to reopen and welcome back employees, customers, and clients. The definition of social distancing is still up in the air. Yes, there are official norms in existence, but do they reflect each individual’s views? Probably not. Many businesses are adopting a traffic light system, and their go-to tools are custom Wristbands. Our custom USB wristbands are cheap and come in simple block bold colors. You can customize your usb to contain essential company COVID-19 policies. Manufactured from silicone and metal material, they have memory capacities of 1GB-8GB to include on the bands. These USB wristbands combine the best of both worlds by being functional and effective in spreading your message. You can get wristbands color-oriented to ensure that every employee stays within their comfort zones and printed with company logos and artworks for brand exposure.

These are also ideal for business meetings and corporate events. You can ensure everyone follows safety measures while meeting and greeting others.

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