The red Starbucks cups are in full effect. We see holiday lights and decorations going up all around us. Christmas chocolate and candy canes have taken the place of Halloween goodies. Yes, the holiday season has arrived!

Don’t worry if it sneaked up on you a little. In honor of Thanksgiving, we’ve put together a helpful hosting guide to help you get ready for the big day (and avoid running around like a turkey with its head cut off!). Read on for excellent custom favor ideas, including how to create the perfect invitation and how to prep in the days leading up to Thanksgiving Day so you can wow your guests with your culinary prowess and epic party organizing skills!


When planning a party, you have enough going on between gathering recipes, shopping for ingredients, decorating your space, making the meal, and setting the table. Spare yourself some errand running and create some one-of-a-kind custom invitation cards!

By creating your party invitations with an added touch of personal flair, you already give your guests or loved ones something to start feeling thankful for, even before the feast! Plus, you have limitless opportunities to customize the font, message, colors, and everything else to fit everyone’s choices and likings. As a bonus, they work as the perfect memoir for everyone to stay thankful for the night for as long as they can remember!

Starting from bright and vivid imprint colors to some bold metallic imprint colors – we have them all! If you’re choosing custom invitation cards for Thanksgiving this year, make sure they carry out your party’s theme fully! Get your creative juices flowing and match your vision of the perfect Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation!


Whether it’s Christmas Eve or an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner celebration, everyone needs something to drink. With our stunning and popular custom Frosted cups, you can keep it elegant. They’re shatterproof and reusable, so they’ll last on the dance floor. Oh, and did we mention that they look the coolest at parties? They do! Guess what will make them even more awesome? You! So, please put on your creative hats and go to town to personalize your frosted cups so that they match your party theme and your wonderful personality!

Depending on the occasion, these beautiful cups may transform from casual to exquisite in an instant. They’ll look great at your wild tailgate party as well as your festive Thanksgiving dinner. Our Frosted cups can do double purpose at your party, holding beverages well and then being taken home by guests as a fantastic memory to remind them of your epic bash!

This Thanksgiving, many of your guests will love getting these personalized frosted cups as a thank you or holiday gift!


When Thanksgiving arrives, you don’t just have to prepare the food and the table setting — be sure to consider your lawn, too!

Thanksgiving is approaching, and, like other special events, this year will be unique. Our in-stock Thanksgiving yard signs are a terrific way to stay connected, happy, and grateful for all the love in your life! One of the main reasons to choose yard signs to celebrate Thanksgiving is that they’re fun, and we all can use some extra fun in our lives these days. Our signs are bright and sure to bring a smile to your friend’s and neighbors’ faces!

Our yard signs are made of high-quality corrugated plastic and are strong and long-lasting. You can be confident that the colors on your Thanksgiving yard sign will remain brilliant and bold regardless of the weather. Our signs are simple to install and remove, allowing you to store them and reuse them the following year!


Spills are unavoidable, and with items like gravy, cranberry sauce, and turkey juice likely to end up on your Thanksgiving table, you’ll want to clean any stains as soon as possible. One thing that screams “rescue” is our custom guest napkins, of course!

With some stunning custom linen-like printed guest hand towels, you can step up your party hosting game. These high-quality guest towels are ideal for various uses, including buffet lines and bathrooms at your event. Personalized guest hand towels will brighten up any powder room and work well as dinner napkins for messy meals, such as turkey meat! Add a stack of coordinating custom guest hand towels anyplace your guests could be washing their hands to extend your hospitality to the restrooms. Our personalized linen-like guest hand towels are a terrific way to spruce up your home’s bathrooms or work as a unique decoration for your dinner party!

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