Bump up your marketing strategies!

You can promote your store the fastest by blasting promotional emails and posting on social media. These methods have been tried and tested as successful advertising strategies in the 21st century. On the opening day of your store, you could get banners and sandwich boards to attract customers. And, we are introducing custom sandwich boards in our collection of marketing devices! Sandwich boards are pretty efficient in a commercial area with foot traffic. 

Advertise sales, new products, and upcoming events with the help of our new sandwich boards by showcasing your store’s unique attractions. The personalized boards are also great for portraying menus for restaurants, coffee shops, or dessert bars. You can include a picture of your best sellers to pull in customers. A business could also use the full-color A-frame signs to help customers find hard-to-find shops on smaller or busier streets. 

Introducing the new sandwich boards!

Feel free to browse through our collection of sandwich boards to pick the one that best suits your needs! We have brought in three sizes of sandwich boards for our customers. Each of the sizes is perfect for different purposes or types of events. 

The 28 x 22 Inch Custom Sandwich Boards are the smallest ones in the collection. You could get these sandwich boards around your wedding venue. Let bypassing cars know that they need to drive slowly and safely around playgrounds and schools with these boards! We have 36 x 24 Inch Custom Sandwich Boards as well. These are the standard sizes of most sandwich boards. You could promote your new business or store by planting these boards outside for the passers-by to see. If opening a culinary business, you could introduce the menu to potential customers on the sandwich boards! Lastly, we have 40 X 30 Inch Custom Sandwich Boards, the largest ones in our selection. With these boards, you could put out information about seminars, conferences, and tradeshows that your company is organizing.

The giant sandwich boards work great indoors because of their size. Our custom sandwich boards are of corrugated plastic, so they are durable. These are more weighted than paper boards and easier to deal with than wood boards. You can customize our boards however you want. If you want simple or intricate designs, you must upload them to our website. Your designs can get printed on both the front and back sides of the boards.


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