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No great Halloween party is complete without giveaways! Indeed a successful Halloween party brings people together to celebrate the season, enjoy one another’s company, and revel in the spirit of the holiday. Halloween giveaways are a fun and creative way for you the host to show your appreciation for the guests who made it.


Thinking of throwing that all-timer party? Here are seven great Halloween giveaway ideas to think about:


Customized Halloween T-Shirts

Customized Halloween T-shirts are an excellent giveaway idea for a Halloween party as they offer a fun and practical way to commemorate the event. These t-shirts can be designed to align with your party’s theme and atmosphere, featuring spooky or playful graphics, your party’s name, even the date.


What makes these t-shirts truly special is their dual purpose – not only do they serve as delightful party favors, but they also become lasting mementos of the occasion. A way of reminding guests of the fun they had at your Halloween party. Whether it’s a funny or eerie design, these customized t-shirts add an extra layer of excitement to your event. A perfect choice for giveaways for the Halloween season!


Mini Pumpkin Decorating Kits

Halloween Pumpkins (variety.com)

Mini Pumpkin Decorating Kits typically include small pumpkins, paints, brushes, and various decorative items like stickers and googly eyes. Which is to say they make for a fun and entertaining party giveaway. They not only provide guests with an enjoyable activity during the party but also allow them to express their Halloween spirit by crafting their own spooky pumpkin designs. A brilliant way to get them in on the Halloween fun.. while adding to the Halloween decorations.


The best part: these mini pumpkins double as both party favors and seasonal decorations. Guests can proudly display their hand-decorated pumpkins at home, thereby adding a touch of Halloween charm to their surroundings. These kits are versatile and suitable for guests of all ages, making them a hit at any Halloween party.


Halloween-themed Candles

Decorative candles with Halloween designs and scents, such as pumpkin spice or cinnamon, make for charming Halloween giveaways. These candles come in various shapes and designs, featuring spooky motifs such as jack-o’-lanterns, witches or haunted houses. What sets them apart is that they often come with scents that evoke the essence of the season, like pumpkin spice or apple cinnamon, for example. When lit, these candles help create a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a cozy Halloween gathering.


As party favors, these candles are both practical and decorative. Guests can take them home and continue to enjoy their charming designs and fragrances, extending the Halloween spirit beyond the party!


Witch’s Brew Hot Chocolate Mix

Witch’s Brew Hot Chocolate Mix is a creative and delectable giveaway idea that can add a unique twist to your Halloween party. These themed hot chocolate mixes are typically packaged in eerie, Halloween-themed containers, making them an intriguing and fitting addition to the festivities.


Furthermore, the Witch’s Brew can be a warm and delightful take-home treat for your guests. It is a party favor that encourages guests to continue savoring the spirit of Halloween in the cozy comfort of their own homes.


Spooky Cookie Decorating Kits

These kits typically include pre-baked cookies in Halloween-themed shapes – like bats, ghosts, or pumpkins – as well as a variety of colored icing and spooky sprinkles. Guests can indulge their creative side by decorating their own Halloween cookies during the party. This is not only a delightful, Halloween-season activity, it also encourages mingling and friendly competition. It’s a hands-on experience that caters to both kids and adults.


The charm of these kits lies in their versatility as both entertainment and a take-home treat. Guests can customize their cookies to their liking and then take them home as a tasty souvenir. Whether they enjoy the cookies at the party or save them for later, these DIY Halloween cookies serve as sweet reminders of the festivities they shared at your Halloween party. In all, Spooky Cookie Decorating Kits can be a memorable giveaway that adds a personal touch to your Spooktacular Halloween party!


Halloween Mini Succulents

Halloween Succulents (jenniferperkins.com)

Halloween Mini Succulents offer a unique and charming twist to the typical Halloween party giveaways. They serve as decorative, living keepsakes that can continue to thrive long after the Halloween festivities have ended. Mini succulents are not only visually appealing but also symbolize growth and renewal. In other words, they make for thoughtful and enduring gifts for your guests.


These succulents are well-suited for guests of all ages, and they make for a refreshing alternative to traditional Halloween party favors. As attendees take them home, they take a touch of nature and a dash of the Halloween spirit with them.


Candy and Snack Bags

These goody bags can be filled with a tempting assortment of Halloween-themed candies and snacks, making them a delightful treat for your guests to enjoy both during and after the party. They can include favorite Halloween candy like mini chocolate bars, gummy worms or even homemade Halloween-themed cookies and brownies. These treats cater to a wide range of tastes, making them the perfect Halloween party favor.


As custom Halloween gifts, they can also be designed to match your party’s theme, with spooky stickers or glitters to add a festive touch. (This customization could extend to the bags as well, be they tote bags or plastic Halloween treat bags.) Guests can take these Halloween treats home to share the goodies with their family and friends, all in keeping with the spirit of the season!

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