Celebrate the International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples!


There are more than 370 million people around the world who are the practitioners of distinctive cultures in more than 90 countries. These people constitute 5% of the total world population representing 5,000 different cultures, and 7,000 different languages.


Being the inheritors of distinct social, economic, and political cultures, they are facing the problems in protecting their rights as the indigenous people. For this reason, the United Nations declared August 9 to be observed as the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People in December, 1994. Promote the day in spreading the word to protect the rights of the indigenous population and help raise funds through our custom T-Shirts. Celebrate the contributions and achievements of the indigenous people by ordering bulk custom Wristbands that will spread your message as everyone wears them in campaigns.


Use our customized Hand Fans as comprehensive instrument to support the expression of fundamental freedom, survival, rights, and dignity of the indigenous people. The declaration of freedom is very important for the indigenous people, so get assistance from your local organization in gathering support for their existing human rights.


Humanitarian organizations can encourage people from different places to attend events organized specifically to gain appreciation for the indigenous people wearing customized Buttons.


Organize charity events, educational forums, panel discussions, music, and art performances where you can use customized Mugs to raise funds for indigenous people. Since they are important to our cultural diversity, we need to ensure their basic rights.


We cannot deny the traditional knowledge and cultural languages that the indigenous community nurtures, so make sure to provide them national and international recognition. The reality is that, indigenous people faces discrimination disproportionately being deprived of their ancestral lands and resources. So, distribute custom Tattoos to spread the message so that everyone who wears them can show their support towards the indigenous community. Use the media’s assistance to raise awareness, share knowledge, and support the indigenous cultural values. The media can help promote this year’s theme “Indigenous Media, Empowering Indigenous Voices” so that their culture is emphasized.


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