In Honor of the Grandparents Day


Grandparents are important caregivers next to our parents who take the responsibilities of developing our morals, beliefs, dignity, and teaching us the lessons of a lifetime. They strongly influence our lives by creating a special relationship with us. So, the National Grandparents Day is officially celebrated on the first Sunday of September to honor and appreciate their important role in our lives.

There are many grandparents at your locality who are placed in old homes, nursing homes, or assisted living facilities. You can bring attention, support, and your appreciation towards these aging grandparents by organizing events to show love and appreciation towards them. Create a cheerful event in their honor with a giveaway of gift baskets and these customized T-Shirts to lighten up their day!


You can also giveaway customized fun Tattoos with the National Grandparents Day’s theme song: “Song for Grandma and Grandpa” by Johnny Prill imprinted on them.


This event started by the inspiration and efforts of Marian McQuade of Oak Hill West Virginia who wanted to do something for the seniors and aged people at her community that resulted on President Carter signing the proclamation on August 3, 1978 to establish the Grandparents Day. Grandparents pass important traditional family values to their grandchildren and make sacrifices for the comfort that you are enjoying today. You can spend the day with your grandparents in volunteering and giving back to the community. Get your family members or friends to gather a volunteer team and wear customized Buttons as you spend the day altogether specially in providing extra helping hands at the community kitchen, care facilities, or, animal shelters etc. You can bond with your grandparents in this way. So, take this day to bond with and thank your grandparents.


Another way of celebrating the National Grandparents Day is enjoying a family picnic or get together. You can share your stories of how your grandmother or grandfather provided you the strength and guidance to become who you are today. On the occasion of this day, you can order these customized Stadium Cups that will have special messages imprinted on them in honor of your grandparents. Everyone will be delighted to have these Cups as gifts as well as taking them back home as souvenirs to remember the day!


You might remember your times taking a stroll with your grandparents at parks, public gardens, or, river side at your childhood. You can relive these memories by taking your grandparents out on stroll at renowned public gardens on this day. At the end of the day, you can take them at great outdoor dining spots or maybe just simple stellar food trucks. As a surprise gift, you can give them customized Water Bottles with your special note!


So, take all the time on this day with your grandparents to reflect and enjoy the moments and take pictures to remember. You can also pack some baked foods from your traditional family recipes and take them on these customized Lunch Bags to give your grandparents as gifts on the National Grandparents Day. You can eat and hear about your grandparents’ favorite stories about their childhood, hopes, and dreams.


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