International Peace Day: Promoting Unity


The United National General Assembly established the International Day of Peace to be observed on the Third Tuesday of September since November, 1981. Each year, they select a global theme to promote world peace and reduce discrimination with events, educational activities, and ceremonies that help raise awareness against all kinds of conflicts.

This year’s global theme is: “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety, and Dignity for all” that aims to strengthen the ideals of peace for the migrants and refugees. So, in order to observe the event as a day of global ceasefire and non-violence, you can hang up customized Banners at your local community so that everyone takes part in this journey.


In such occasion, you can sponsor for charitable causes and raise funds for the children’s hospital, food shelter, orphanage, or old homes and invite people to contribute for these causes. The day has grown to involve millions of people around the world as they take part in marches, parades, music festivals, non-violence activities and intercultural dialogues that build communities. Inspire people by giving away custom Wristbands so that everyone can come out of the barriers of their personal conflicts to promote peace.


Sports for peace events can enhance solidarity among community members through the expression of freedom and the respect for cultural diversity and human rights. For everyone participating or watching the games, you can giveaway our custom Buttons as gifts to wear and represent the hope for peace that will spread from one person to another.


Peace activities such as walks, art exhibitions, picnics, planting trees, or peace convoy of vehicles can attract lot of public attention for the cause, so let the crowd have custom Hand Fans through which they can remember and celebrate the day in honor of peace.


Several international humanitarian, sports, social, and environmental organizations can provide their support and engage young people in different interfaith peace rituals and spiritual gatherings. Despite race, religion, and spiritual diversity, everyone can wear customized T-Shirts that represent the theme of peace.


Encouraging people to work in cooperation for this goal, your organization, or company can arrange public concerts, art performances, and gatherings that involve large audiences to create a social impact for change. Since peace is achieved from being able to contribute to the best with what we have, so help achieve peace goals with charity works. You can encourage people to buy customized Mugs and raise funds to support charities like UNICEF, and Red Cross etc.


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