It’s World Vegetarian Day!


Making a difference is really important when it comes to healthy food choices. For this reason, the World Vegetarian Day was established on October 1, 1977 by the North Vegetarian Society. Working towards a common cause, the day is being celebrated bringing vegetarians together for a common cause. The vegetarian lifestyle will not only help you learn about the plant-based diet but lower the risk of having heart diseases, diabetes, cancers, and other health diseases.


Promote the day with custom Wristbands that people could wear to support the ethical, health, charitable and environment benefits.


You can organize a vegetable food festival where you can give yourself and others a change to explore the benefits of vegetarian cuisine. Interested chefs and food shops from your community can participate in the festival by introducing vegetarian menus which attendees could taste! To inspire the initiative, you can recruit friends and volunteers to promote the campaign by distributing these custom Hand Fans to attract attention.


It is healthy to live vegetarian, so try to find vegetarian clubs that will host events, distribute cookbooks with vegetable dishes, and arrange vegetarian meals. You can motivate others to taste vegetarian recipes and giveaway custom Coasters as promotional gifts!


You can pop custom Banners at your locality, school, shop, cafeteria, office notice boards, and high traffic public areas so that people are willing to participate in this nationwide celebrated event! You can host public screening of vegetarian documentaries.


Statistics show that each year, millions of people become vegetarians understanding the health, environment, and ethical concerns of avoiding meat. So, gather all the vegetarians and non-vegetarians for food tasting and potlucks with meatless meals. You can invite guests and spokespersons to give speeches on the benefits of consuming vegetables at workshops and sessions. You can ask sponsors to host the events and giveaway custom T-Shirts to people who join in the celebration and eat everything meat-free for the day!


You can invite vendors and supplies of vegetables to participate in locally arranged vegetable festival selling vegetables, fruits, sprouts, spinaches, whole grains, and nuts etc. Make the event look festive by giving away custom Buttons for everyone to wear as gifts for attending. Overall, make sure that everyone is encouraged to follow and adopt exclusive vegetable-based and fruit-based diet for observing the World Vegetarian Day!

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