Celebrate the Chinese Moon Festival!


The Chinese Moon Festival also known as the Mid – Autumn Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the eight month in the Chinese Han Calendar which is the night of the full moon. This is a very important Chinese event that symbolizes family reunion, harmony and celebration. The event and its rituals date back to 3,000 years before when the lunar harvest festival was observed close to the autumnal equinox. The occasion is marked through moon watching, dancing, drinking, eating moon cakes, matchmaking, dragon, and lantern festival.

Make the event celebratory with these colorful Stadium Cups that people could use to have their Cassia or Red wines as they enjoy the view of full moon.


The occasion is also known as the Mid – Autumn Festival because the harvest season approaches and the weather is in its pleasant nature. It is a very important traditional event that focuses family reunions that involves watching the full moon, reciting moon poems and eating moon cakes. To make the event memorable, brighter and festive, order these custom T-Shirts for everyone in your family to wear and have a matching style.


Get sponsors to organize the live dragon or lion dances in the area which would attract a larger crowd to the celebration of this festival. Invite Chinese or Vietnamese dance groups to participate in live dance sessions, this would cheer up the crowd and intrigue them to join in the celebration. Make sure to promote the event with custom Banners.


One of the major parts of the event is red lanterns used for decorations at home. You can either make real lanterns to emit glows at your homes and gardens, make sky lanterns to release in the sky or use paper lanterns for decoration only. Both children and adults can be involved in preparing these lanterns for the occasion. You can also order custom Hand Fans as gifts for everyone imprinted with images of rabbit, lions, and dragons etc.


The Chinese Moon Festival always has the biggest family reunions, so mark the date on the calendar to watch and admire the brightest moon in the sky with your family. Wear custom Glow Wristbands when the moon disappears in the cloud, so that they glow in the dark and enjoy the impression it leaves on you. Have a blast of family togetherness!


If you really enjoy baking and preparing something special for your family, make the traditional moon cakes. These cakes might take much time and labor to be prepared, but if you are a keen baker, then you would know how to make them with the proper ingredients such as the mashed red or lotus bean paste, nuts, egg yolk, jujube paste, dried apricots, and five kernel etc. There is an interesting myth behind the origin of the moon cakes which states that notes were hidden inside these cakes which were sent to the town people by a rebel army commander. The plan was to free the town by rising up at midnight and attack the captor Mongols which was a success! So, follow the tradition and serve moon cakes in these custom colorful Coasters with brewed tea for your family and friends. You can share the story of the history of the moon cakes with your young ones!


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