Love Your Heart and Help Your Brain on the World Stroke Day!


One of the leading causes of disability and death around the world is stroke, so responding quickly to it can create a difference in recovery. Creating awareness could help save a life and you need to spread the message that stroke is large treatable. So, the World Stroke Day aims to focus on the prevention of this illness, when the media, organizations, partners, and stakeholders create awareness of stroke risks and how to prevent them.

To aware people on individual and public level, you can put on custom Banners listing the risk factors of stroke throughout the community for public awareness.


Most people are not aware of the signs and symptoms, so help spread awareness since statistics show that on average, an American dies in every four minutes out of stoke. Print out custom Brochures and inform everyone of how to take actions on lowering the risk for stroke. The more people will know of the warning signs and symptoms, the better.


This year’s global theme is “What is your reason for preventing Stroke?” and which can be spread through community seminars and discussion panels. This is not about only making individual changes, but advocating for the cause locally and globally. You can even help raise funds for the local health organizations by selling custom Tote Bags for the cause.


You can invite people to act on preventing stroke since there are 17 million stroke deaths worldwide. Spread the theme message by giving away custom Wristbands.


Depending on how the stroke cuts off the blood flow to the brain and how quickly the patient is treated determines the possibility of survival. The aftermath of stroke can be even dangerous leading to disability impacting everyone from the patient, their families, and friends. You can share information and resources to educate people through rallies and campaigns using custom Hand Fans as promotional tools.


Although this is a complex medical illness, you can significantly make people aware by distributing custom Buttons. People can wear them to show their support as part of local campaign materials.