Honoring the National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day!

Navy Men Placing Hawaiian Leis on Gravesite of War Heroes

The Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day commemorates the devastating attack on the Naval Station at Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii on December 7, 1941. The United States Congress passed the Public Law 103-308 to honor the men and women who sacrificed themselves at the naval station and the headquarters of the US Pacific Fleet. History reminds us that the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service attacked at 8am without any prior warning with 353 fighter planes to put the US Pacific Fleet out of action. This year will remember the 76th anniversary of the attack which resulted in the death of 2,403 service members and civilians, injury of 1,178 and destruction of 188 aircrafts and 4 Navy battleships.

Every year, the public are invited to join at the Pacific National Monument’s Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, so you can attend the ceremony wearing dedicatory Custom Wristbands.


Remembering the incredibly devastating attack, the American flag is kept half-staff till sunset across the nation to honor the selfless sacrifices of the American heroes. Wear Custom Tattoos in honor of the US veterans who died or were injured at Pearl Harbor.


The bombing at Pearl Harbor left scars in our history, for which the civilians, veterans, and survivors remember the attack with solemnity. Honor this historic day with remembrance events at your community by organizing film screenings, memorials, live events, workshops, concerts, and live speeches. Put on Custom Banners in honor of the valiant servicemen who dedicated their lives during this attack. This attack at Pearl Harbor led President Franklin D. Roosevelt to declare war on Japan during World War II.


Americans show their support for the veterans on this day by holding memorial services, parades, and special television programs on the attack. The Pearl Harbor Commemorative Medal is awarded to those who were injured or died during the attack on the naval base as established by the US Congress on November 5, 1990. Invite the US armed forces veterans and civilians who can recollect and share their stories to the public or attend reunions specially arranged in their honor. You can pay them respect by gifting Custom T-Shirts they can wear during ceremonies honoring the memory of Pearl Harbor attack.


On behalf of your community club, organize school activities and workshops to enlighten students about the US army and navy base attack at Pearl Harbor that escalated the World War II. Distribute Custom Hand Fans to schools containing information on the history of the attack. Arrange wreath-laying ceremonies for paying tribute to military personnel.


Observe the day showing support to the armed forces veterans who are still alive from the Pearl Harbor bombing. Pay respect to those who served with commemorative Custom Tote Bags that honors these gallant servicemen. Keep the day memorable with memorial parades, wreath presentations, book signings, band performances, and prayer services etc.


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