Challenge and Unite Against Corruption


The negative impact of corruption on the social and economic development is causing estimated stolen money of $2.6 trillion and bribes of $1 trillion. Spreading locally and globally, corruption is affecting democracy, justice, health, education, and development in all sectors. So, it is high time for us to challenge corruption and raise awareness of its unethical consequences that leads to political instability, terrorism, environmental effects, poor education standards, and exploitation in the society.

Local or global anti-corruption campaigns can use Custom Banners to spread messages on serious corruption problems.


Initiated by the UN General Assembly, the International Anti-Corruption Day is working to stop governmental instability and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. In an effort to prevent further corruption, this day is observed on December 9 annually since 2003. Raise voice and combat against corruption wearing Custom Wristbands that highlights issues of bureaucratic quagmires, slow economic development, prevention of foreign direct investments, corruption at democratic institutions and electoral processes.


We have to fight against this complex phenomenon that is affecting the non-government, government organizations, security, peace, and prosperity. We are not totally immune, so we should take pro-active stance against global anti-corruption movements highlighting the role of the United Nations Conventions against Corruption. Heighten awareness by arranging local parades and activities giving away Custom Hand Fans as intolerance against corruption. Thus, promote ethical values of democracy, rule of law and justice.


Corrupted politicians, criminals, drug dealers, and businessmen should be brought under justice and the general public should get involved in reporting corruption incidents. The least fortunate people who are affected financially by corruption need financial help. Raise funds for them by selling Custom Tote Bags that contains anti-corruption slogans.


Inspire people to change their attitudes and act responsibly in preventing corruptions by taking actions against crimes. Help attract the attention of media and promote this year’s theme, “United against Corruption for development, peace, and security” by distributing Custom Buttons people can wear from all walks of life at mass anti-corruption parades.


Corruption weakens the country, government and justice system, so the general public can pledge to take responsibility for ending corruption in all sectors. So, publicize the message to increase awareness against all levels of corruption by giving away Custom T-Shirts at anti-corruption campaigns and seminars. Everyone’s wholehearted contribution will reduce poverty, create stable economy, good governance, increase transparency, encourage accountability, foster anti-corruption strategies, and amend election processes.


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