String of Traditions for the Chinese New Year!


Ring in the Chinese New Year with traditional festivities starting from cleaning and decorating your home to purchasing gifts for your loved ones! Full of auspicious meanings, the Spring Festival remains one of the colorful events following generations of old customs and rituals. As anticipations creeps in, this is the perfect opportunity honoring, praying, and offering tokens of devotion to the deities so that they cast away all the bad luck as you pursue the bright and the beautiful!

Put your effort in bringing good health, wealth, and luck for family, friends, and patrons by welcoming them with red lanterns and Custom Banners following the Chinese tradition. You can hang them at your living room and entrance door so that everyone who pays a cheery visit sees your greetings of longevity, prosperity and good fortune.


Based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar and the movement of the moon, the Lunar New Year of 2018 falls on February 16 lasting up to 15 days by ending on March 2. There are several traditional events to observe throughout this lengthy two week celebration that are observed globally with much festivity. Mark this gift giving ceremony by ordering matching Custom T-Shirts for family and friends to wear together while enjoying the traditional lion dances, firecrackers, fairs, dragon boat, and lantern festivals.


Welcome your family and relatives to join in for the reunion dinner as you prepare the perfect savoring dumplings, sticky rice, steamed fish, spring rolls, noodles, Cantonese roasted chicken, glutinous rice balls, and almond cookies for them! Keep the occasion memorable by entertaining your guests with champagne, rice wine, red wine, and beer in our Custom Stadium Cups. They can take these back home as souvenirs from the party.


This is also the best time to give kids the traditional ‘lucky money’ while the rest of the family members enjoy the rest of the night playing board games, cards, or watching the firecrackers lighting up the sky! During this time, many theme parks and street shopping markets sell souvenirs as mementos of the occasion. So, promote your business with Custom Wristbands to the attendees at opera performances and martial art exhibitions!


One of the main attractions of the Spring Festival is the colorful New Year parade with dragon and lion dances that is accompanied by firework displays, stunning acrobatics, and music. Grab this opportunity to present your patrons and prospective customers with gifts and goodies with our Custom Tote Bags that will act as walking billboards! Make sure to express the good wishes in every way you can to others so that fortune smiles on you, dreams come true, and everything goes well in the year ahead!




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