Originally followed to celebrate the birthday of America’s first President, George Washington, the President’s Day has later been designed as a day to celebrate all the Presidents of the United whose life works and contributions made America great. The day is also known as George Washington’s Birthday who is known as the “The Father of the Country”.

You can honor the occasion and pay tribute to all the Presidents such as Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson remembering their contributions for the country. You can print the Presidents’ historical images on our Custom Buttons and provide them as giveaways to children and adults on behalf of your community club.


There are also many community events held in different states, one of which is the Birthnight Banquet and Ball held in Alexandria, Virginia at the Gadby’s Tavern. Here, the past Presidents, such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and James Madison frequently attended the balls, theatrical performances and meetings.

The event includes dinner, 18th century dances, and historical programs staged; you can attend the event with your family as planned early. You can order our Custom Hand Fans that would go perfectly with the occasion! These Hand Fans could also be great accessories to be distributed as giveaways on behalf of your club or company to people at your locality on the occasion of the President’s Day.


On President’s Day, many companies, brands, businesses, and stores hold marketing campaigns, special discounts and sales on their products, so if you are a business or store owner, you would definitely want to stay ahead of others for welcoming your customers. You can decorate your store with our Custom Balloons that pays tribute to the President’s Day and attracts prospective customers with their colorful appearance.

Patriotic Entrance Arch for South Mission Viejo Little League Tournament

At charity and fundraiser events on the President’s Day, our Custom Tote Bags will add great value and attract people’s attention to contribute and donate for patriotic causes.


Custom Wristbands are quite popular with people of all ages from adults to children. For the occasion, you can order and design your own patriotic Wristbands. They would not only look great but would be a fantastic way to raise funds at charity events in support of terrorism attacks, social causes, cancer patients, or for the victims of violence.

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There are also community parades and celebrations held throughout this federal holiday where people honor and remember the Presidents of the United States. If you, your family, and friend are participating in the President’s Day parades, you can order our Custom Lanyards with the theme of the day and wear them on the parades! With your family, and friends, attend the country’s largest Presidents’ Day Parade held annually at Alexandria, Virginia where the first President of the country once walked the streets.


Celebrating the President’s Day in a homely environment would be close to a reunion if you invite close family, friends, and relatives. For celebrating the day together, you can order our Custom Coolies, that would protect your beverages from becoming warm and remain chilled while you celebrate.


Add the Custom Mugs to your list, imprinting with patriotic messages such as “God Bless America” and give as gifts to your grandparents, parents, and cousins on this day.


To share the patriotic theme with your friends, while you enjoy having parties, you can use our plastic Tumblers that will be practical for the intended use. You can serve your friends cold beverages and cocktails without having to worry about them being spilled.


Our Custom Stadium Cups are also must-have tools that will be useful in cases if you are going out and spending the day off to celebrate and have meals with friends in the National forest and parks. So, take your time to celebrate the day attending parades, classic battle reenactments, parties, fundraiser, and charity events. Going back to the roots and observing the day with a positive and patriotic approach is all that matters.





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