A trip to the pool is a great way to pass the time during summer. Cool, refreshing water on a hot day—what could be better than that? You could invite a large number of guests and friends, including both adults and children. The last thing you want to do is arrive at the pool and realize you have left something important behind. That’s a surefire way to ruin the fun. Having a list of all your swimming essentials virtually ensures you won’t forget anything. While there are numerous methods to make your pool party a success, we’ve compiled a small list of pool-party must-haves!

Custom Microfiber Rally Towels 

The sun’s out, the pool’s open, and your summer Fridays are about to kick in. Time to forget work and cannonball into the deep end! Every pool party now, without a doubt, needs the best towels. And what about the kids bouncing and splashing in the backyard pool? Trust us when we say that our custom microfiber rally towels are the ideal carry-on accessory! Get them customized with funky party sayings or even the initials of each individual, and throw them out as the best keepsakes for your loved ones to carry! Durable and available in a wide assortment of colors, you can be sure that these personalized rally towels will excite your crowd up while drying them off swiftly.

Custom Slim Can Coolers 

Time to step up the game for your adult best friends and family! Keep your pool party hot and your drinks cool with fun and festive custom slim can coolers. Made of Polyurethane Foam material, they sure will keep your favorite cocktails and beverages colder longer! Add a clever saying to one side, your name to the other for a great personalized party favor guests will love reusing!

Custom Shot glasses

A beautiful day by the pool, with the sun shining and your ice-cold beverage safely stored aside, the day begs for some fun alcoholic shots for you and your loved ones! If alcohol is present, shot glasses are the ideal goodie. Our custom shot glasses are popular because they are light, simple, and easy to use. To light up the day even more, add a personal flair to these shot glasses and get them personalized with funky sayings or cute artworks and keep your pool party elevated!

Hand Sanitizer Spray

The blistering heat of summer has arrived, and now is the perfect time to cool off in the pool. However, this summer, we are dealing with health and wellness challenges, such as contracting and spreading a fatal virus. But as the summer heats up, a refreshing dip in the pool can bring much-needed reprieve. If you want to enjoy your summer holidays in the pool water, then we have some exciting news for you. Enjoy at your favorite swimming pools this summer season while keeping yourself and your guests germ-free with our hand sanitizer sprays! These disinfectants include 75% alcohol to kill the germs preventing hand-to-mouth transfer thoroughly. Even if your hands are filled with chlorinated water most of the time you are at the swimming pool, it’s essential to do proper hand sanitization for a safe and appropriate environment.

To beat the summer hit this year, here’s our take on an ultimate checklist to help you keep prepared and safe, in addition to your swimsuit and towels!


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