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Among the different types of drinkware, the smallest yet most sought-after ones would be cheap custom shot glasses. Many well-established bars own printed shot glasses to serve drinks on match days to enjoy the game better. Browse personalized shot glasses for special drinking occasions, such as parties on St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve. Bachelor’s parties and bachelorette parties involve a lot of drinks as well. You can consider custom-printed glasses for the evening. If you turn the legal age to drink, you should celebrate with personalized birthday shot glasses. You can also design your own shot glass for your wedding reception because it is time to enjoy the happiest day of your life after the formalities.

Popular Uses:

If you own a bar, you could get personalized shot glasses bulk that you can use for your shot-loving customers that come in for various reasons such as sports events, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays, or even a promotion. You can personalize your own printed shot glasses with your bar logo or even offer your event holders the option to have their shot glasses printed.

Holidays call for joy, excitement, and celebrating with the people that matter the most to you. The Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s Day to honor Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. The Irish are known for their strong affinity towards liquor, and so people fill themselves with drinks. Halloween and New Year’s Eve are two nights of the year when people indulge in alcoholic beverages. If you plan on hosting a party at your place for these holidays, browse our drinkware collection. You will find cheap personalized shot glasses that you can customize for your holiday parties.

Weddings call for a lot of planning. If you are organizing your wedding, you could customize shot glasses for the reception, and everyone can let loose on your wedding night along with you and your partner. If you are the maid of honor or the best man, it is your job to arrange the perfect bachelor or bachelorette party for them—a time to enjoy the last night of harmless mischief involving plenty of drinks. As the groom or bride exonerates their responsibilities and places them onto you, you might end up feeling overwhelmed. The monogrammed shot glasses are ready to be delivered as soon as you place the order, so there is one thing that you can check off the list.

No one looks forward to becoming an adult, except for turning the legal age to drink. The single most anticipated event about adulthood in anyone’s life is their 21st birthday party. When you turn 21, you should be celebrating it properly, with lots and lots of drinks. Every following birthday party should have the same deal with beverages because not every day is as memorable. Custom printed shot glasses are quite popular for birthday parties, so browse through our collection to get your own sets.

Design Suggestions: Our Custom Frosted Shot Glasses would be the ideal design for your bar’s personalized shot glasses during game night. We have many football-themed plans available in our collection. Green texts and artwork on our clear shot glasses for St. Patrick’s Day is a classic customization idea that you can implement. For Halloween, include spooky clip art and messages in black color fonts. NYE parties always require vivid colors, so write out fun texts in varying shades to be imprinted on you. You could also choose the black shot glasses for both Halloween and New Year’s Eve. The Shooter shot glasses are perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties. You could include the groom or bride’s initials along with custom wedding artwork. For your birthday parties, go for the blue shot glasses. They generally look fun, so if you add some texts that you and your friends can relate to, it will be the cherry on top. Choose the Frosted Tall Shooter shot glasses as your wedding reception shot glasses. The personalized shot glasses will look quite classy in this design and overall go with whatever theme your wedding has.

Product Materials: We have two sizes for our personalized shot glasses; 1.75 ad 2 oz. They are made of durable glass. All the customizations are directly screen printed on, so the glasses should be hand washed only.