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Thinking about cancer scares people, and understandably so. It does not have a definite cure yet, but there are many treatments available to reduce abnormal cell growth or remove the root tumors. These treatments are effective most of the time, but prevention trumps management. Health is wealth. Genetic inheritance is the cause of the remaining ten to five cancer cases. If cancer runs in the family, there is a chance of the mutated gene passing through generations. It may remain dormant for a long time, and by the time someone realizes, it might be too late. Staying scared and wishing that it does not happen to you or your family will not make cancer magically go away. It exists, and it needs everyone’s utmost attention. The month of October is Cancer Awareness Month, and we have some tips and tricks for you, your business, or your institution on how to spread the word through various daily items!

Spread awareness through apparel!

What is the one thing that people generally notice first? Attire! The thing that started as something to cover one’s body has gradually become a medium of expression. Whether it is a pair of designer stiletto pants or a plain t-shirt, there is no denying that clothes are an integral part of society. Apparel describes us more than our voices can, so let’s put them to good use. If your company decides to do something for Cancer Awareness Month, then order our custom shirts in bulk and customize them with cancer insignia along with words of alertness. You can choose whichever styles your cause might demand and have a sale on them for the entire month. If you have customers that have fought and survived cancer, you can send them these shirts for free.

Share your message to the entire neighborhood!

Neighbors can become your second family through years and years of friendship. If your family ever faces a crisis, your neighbors may have done whatever they can to ease your problems and vice versa. They celebrate in your times of happiness, and so do you, in theirs. Life is easier knowing that there are people around you that care about your wellbeing. If you get word of someone in your neighbor’s family getting cancer, you could get them custom signs as a gesture of goodwill. You could put a thoughtful message on the sign and have it installed in their yard. The sign can also spread the word about cancer and getting screened for it to make sure everything is okay.

Aid people in need!

Even though cancer treatment exists, not all people can afford it. It is a long, strenuous journey to the path of recovery. The treatments take physical and mental tolls. Financial stability also suffers a hit because of it. Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, laser therapy, surgery – every one of these treatments does not come cheap. However, they are some of the most effective cancer treatments. To help the less unfortunate people afford the treatment they need, many NGOs and private companies raise funds throughout the year or on Cancer Awareness Month. The companies can use custom big checks to give the funds to the families who need it, take pictures, and promote their cause on media platforms. The word can spread to other people who are in desperate need of help, and they can receive it the same way.

Incorporate the message in accessories!

Maybe you do not work in an organization that helps aid people with cancer. In this case, you can get creative! Think of other ways to spread the message about how important it is to get screened for cancer for early detection. We already spoke about custom apparel, now let’s talk accessories. The most common item used outside is a bag. Our website has a collection of custom tote bags that anyone would love to own. The bags can be customized with cancer awareness messages and gifted to friends and family.

Use bold means to spread the word!

If you are a cancer survivor, you are a superhero. You went through an arduous journey and battled death to come out victorious. Now, you can spread the word about your path to recovery so that others can be aware. Tattoos could be innovative ways to get your message across to people. But, being a survivor of cancer, getting a real tattoo would be counter-productive. Instead, you could get some of our custom temporary tattoos to spread cancer awareness. You could choose the cancer sign and have a meaningful message along with it.

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