It’s time to celebrate your last few nights as a bachelorette with your favorite girls. Nothing makes you feel closer to your besties than matching outfits, custom party favors, unique personalized decorations, and so much more. While we are all for fun and games, we are also all about you and your crew feeling confident in your outfits and makeup! Whether you’re planning a destination bachelorette party or staying close to home and holding a garden bash, you’ll want your bridal party to stand out. Do you have a favorite theme? We’ve got your back. Are you a bride who likes to keep things simple? We’ve got a lot of options. Are some of your closest male friends planning on attending? We’ve also got them covered!

Here is a list of bachelorette party favors and decoration ideas to help you host the perfect party! Get ready to dive into planning!

Let’s get this party started! 

Custom Shirts

The bachelorette party is undoubtedly one of the most exciting aspects of getting married for any bride-to-be! But the need to plan this anticipated weekend? Gulp – someone help. We hear you! Step one is always custom shirts personalized solely for your party. Custom Shirts will ensure that the to-be bride herself and the entire bride tribe have a great time!

Our custom shirts can be personalized for each of your bridesmaids, making them an excellent alternative for bridesmaid gifts. Wanna let your hair down and throw an unforgettable bachelorette bash before tying the knot? How about creating a memorable bridal shower that you can look back on for years to come? Select and personalize from our collection of custom apparel like shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies in some of the most fun and meaningful ways. Since the single life is bidding its way goodbye, make sure the arrangements for its farewell scream the most cheerful hooray!

Custom Hats

Our classic custom hat styles with a bachelorette twist, It’s the perfect bridal party accessory for the bride’s final hurrah, or a nice cap to throw on the morning after the festivities to cover that wild hair!

With a tiny bend to the hat brim, soft navy blue cotton material for a relaxed fit, and a lovely “The Party” motif embroidered across the front, it seems like the perfect bachelorette party takeaway! Our elegant customized hats are both comfortable and affordable, making them ideal for regular wear as well. Order from our collection of hats and get them customized with matching designs, including one for the bride! That way, the whole squad will make a matched set as they party it up.

Custom Can Coolers 

Now that you and your girls are all dolled up, what about the drinks? There’s no party, especially a bachelorette, without drinks and thrilling music to turn it all up! With you and your bridesmaids all attired in matching clothing, why not chug down the beverages with our customizable can coolers in the same way?

Not only are our products perfect for keeping cans and bottles cold during the event, but your girlies will also have the ideal souvenirs to take back home for remembering this special occasion. Let’s pour up that drink and start partying hard!

Custom Shot Glasses

The gist remains the same regardless of where your bachelorette party is happening—and believe us, the options are genuinely unlimited. You get to look forward to the future, savor your final days as a single individual, and have the time of your life with your best bunch! Getting tipsy, letting loose, and dancing the night away are favors that just come free with celebrations of this type (of course not literally)!

Our custom shot glasses will save your pockets while still allowing you to have the bachelorette party of a lifetime! Whether you’re going to Vegas with tiaras or celebrating on a boat and the beach, your bachelorette party needs to be one thing: fun! Our custom monogrammed shot glasses will make sure you and your bridal squad have a spectacular souvenir after the wedding!

Custom Tote Bags 

Tote bags are a great essential takeaway that almost anyone can appreciate. Undoubtedly, making them an excellent gift for your bachelorette weekend or destination bachelorette celebration!

Filled with all the thoughtful custom goodies or packed with custom bachelorette party essentials stated above, our custom tote bags are the perfect way to say thank you to your gal pals at the party. And adding a touch of personalization—whether it’s their name or monogram—elevates your gift to something that’s above and beyond the average tote!

Time to elevate your decor!

Custom Yard letters 

Bachelorette parties are by far the most enjoyable of all the key festivities that usually take place before a wedding. One way to make sure your event lives up to the hype—whether it’s in Las Vegas or your living room—is by including lots of wholesome bachelorette party decorations. Whether you are the bride yourself indulged in the planning or just a responsible maid of honor, make sure the guests along with the entire neighborhood know that your best friend’s getting hitched this year!

And what better way to take it up to this level? Our custom yard letters, of course! Personalized signage using these yard letters is a great way to welcome guests to the fun celebration! Letters as simple as “He put a ring on it” can make a funky yet elegant welcome for a classy brunch or cocktail evening. What a great way to kick off a memorable bachelorette weekend!

Custom Banners 

A successful bachelorette party consists of good music, drinks, and best friends. However, when you’ve secured the DJ and enough food and beverages, the décor should be the next item on your to-do list. Create a unique bachelorette party banner for the bride-to-be to make your bachelorette party more exciting for you and your friends!

When it comes to a bachelorette party, you have to get creative with the words. And our assortment of custom banners allows you to do just that! You can choose short phrases from songs or use the bride’s name to make the perfect bachelorette party banner saying. You can hang your personalized banners across the wall, behind where the bride will sit, or across the table with the gifts — either way, a customized banner will enhance the entire celebration in no time!

Custom Balloons 

If the custom yard letters or banners do not sway you, think of favorite photos with the bride! Giant balloons and colorful confetti will make for some seriously Insta-worthy shots. Not sure where to start? Well, our custom balloons might be the ideal answer for you!

Balloons are the ultimate aesthetic decor that gets everyone excited, regardless of their age. And getting them personalized with photos, wishes, and sayings for the bride-to-be is just the perfect addition to your little celebration!

Since you have made it to the end, props to you! You are officially qualified to throw the most amazing bachelorette party your friends have ever attended! Grab your phones, visit our website, pick your goodies and get the party started!

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