October is AIDS Awareness Month. We raise awareness about this disease and arrange fundraising events to support treatment and preventative services.

Marketers that want to support organize awareness events, health marathons, 5k races for employees, fundraising events, and other activities. Choose promo products that will serve as a reminder to your recipients of the significance of staying safe! You can easily design items with your company logo and an AIDS awareness message. Now, whenever your recipients see these logo items, they will be reminded of your social duty and commitment!

Custom Shirts 

If your business or brand aims to raise awareness of a cause, custom apparel is the most popular pick! For this year’s AIDs Awareness month, if your aiming for health marathons for the employees, then our custom shirts will be just the right product for you! The red ribbon has traditionally symbolized AIDS awareness.

To get people’s attention, hand out tees with the ribbon and other health-related recommendations. You can also include your brand’s logo and taglines, which will be as visible as the Aids prevention message on these. If you’re planning an outdoor fundraising event, giving these tees to donors will be the ultimate kind gesture! Your recipients will want to keep these as keepsakes of this awareness day in their wardrobes, implying that these personalized goods will leave a lasting impression on them. The best part – you pay only once!

Custom Signs

Raise awareness about AIDS that snuff out countless precious lives every year with our custom signs. They are perfect to set in your backyard, front yard, or if you’re organizing an outdoor event, then right in front of the venue. Using custom signs beautifully placed on your lawns will now grab attention every time the cars drive around, and both your logo and the awareness message will get a bucket lot of attention. These custom signs are great to promote Aids health check-up camps, nonprofit organizations, and hospitals, among others. Customize it with all the relevant branding information and awareness tips for maximum impact!

Custom Big Checks 

Large-sized cheques are an excellent and effective promotional tool for your charity or business. The large check will give your brand a photograph opportunity for increased exposure of your charity’s cause. Our custom Big Checks give you a low-cost way to raise a lot of exposure and publicity for your cause and donation.

While being used for photo sessions, these checks offer a unique visual impact and grabs the attention that your brand truly deserves! It is because you can easily customize your cheque, including social media links, website, logos, collaborations, and even matching your brand’s color scheme!

Custom Temporary Tattoos 

This year’s awareness event may include your group organizing fundraisers/marathons/charity balls/walks to increase awareness for the topic it supports. Customized Temporary Tattoos are a fun method to raise awareness for a cause. You can either hand them out to volunteers or sell them to the general public present at your fundraising event. Everyone loves temporary tattoos; your awareness cause will be fresh in people’s minds even after your event is long over. When you buy these personalized temporary tattoos in bulk, it is both economical and cost-effective.

Custom Tote Bags 

Tote bags are an eco-friendly alternative to gift wrap because wrapping paper is so wasteful. You can put numerous promotional products in a custom tote bag for event guests to remember your brand or the event cause for years to come during a company event or fundraiser, increasing aids awareness.

A personalized tote bag will not be thrown away once the present is unpacked and is 100 percent recyclable. You can make sure the promotional bag is visually appealing or contains a message that will make your recipients smile.

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