The holiday season has arrived, and most people will be busy throwing gala dinners and preparing dinners for friends/family. It’s a fantastic time for businesses to make their customers feel appreciated by organizing a holiday party. Business dinner parties are an excellent opportunity for marketers to generate new leads, communicate their message, and impress their audience. You can distribute tiny tokens of gratitude that will serve as your business cards for the foreseeable future.


Coasters will keep your tables clean and smudge-free – hence our custom coasters make a highly functional personalized gift to consider. You can easily use these versatile handouts to promote all types of businesses, especially those in the culinary, beverages, and hospitality niche. Our Custom coasters come in three categories and a variety of materials and shapes, and they’re a great way to keep your brand and message in front of not only your recipients but also their guests. 

Every day, we utilize coasters in restaurants, pubs, resorts, and even our own homes. How much marketing, on the other hand, can a little coaster provide? Do you want every sip to help you build your brand? Give your customers our personalized drink coasters with your logo or a special message to place their hot or cold drinks on! Whether you own a restaurant, bar, or café, these coasters printed with your logo will add a splash of color to your tabletops and catch your customers’ eye every time they reach for their drink. You can also use these drink coasters for happy hour deals, sharing new dishes and drinks, or giveaways at promotional events!

The coasters, constructed of soft Pulpboard, are designed exclusively as drink coasters for bars and restaurants. They’re the real deal: they’re tough, long-lasting, and absorbent! 


Custom coasters aren’t just for usage in pubs and restaurants. They can also make excellent company gifts. Your coasters may end up in the hands of your next prospective customer. They can aid in brand recognition and visibility.

Our trendy cork coasters may market your brand as a one-of-a-kind item because the logo and text color are imprinted into the cork coaster surface and last. Different sizes and forms are available based on the needs of the customer. The lightweight, water-resistant, reusable natural material makes it accessible to anyone!


Our personalized paper coasters are a practical addition for one-time use purposes. The paper coasters are ideal for keeping your table and bar surfaces dry and clean while efficiently and affordably communicating your brand’s advertising message to an engaged audience. This version of coasters do very well at events where attendees will use the coasters a few times or only that. 

All of our items come made with high-quality material, such as 16-point glossy paper. Our paper coasters are available in round and square sizes as well as different printing methods, and they beautifully accent your company’s image while guaranteeing that your customers don’t spill a drop.

Other Coaster Options

Offered in a bevy of festive colors, we also have coasters that double up as bottle openers and make a great custom gift to consider. When your recipients use these as bottle openers or coasters, your brand and message will get double exposure and effect! Let’s not forget how they work as memorable keepsakes as well! When in use, they will remind your customers of your brand repeatedly and work as the perfect miniature billboards!

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