With our new compact keychain power banks, you don’t have to worry about your phone dying on the go! These power banks are so conveniently compact that they fit your pocket and work great as keychains!

Boost morale, your business, and do some good!

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love giveaways, especially internal ones? You could introduce a seasonal giveaway of goodie bags to your employees! Our personalized compact keychain power banks would make a great addition, along with other items in the bag! You can customize the power banks with your company’s logo to give off a sense of unity among all staff members. And these are practical gifts, as your employees can use the power banks daily! You can give the customer power banks to your staff, showing they are valued.

Now that your company morale has been sufficiently boosted let’s do the same for your company’s growth! Arranging company events to showcase your business’s latest products is a necessary marketing strategy to increase clientele. Giving away personalized company freebies during these events can also help your business! Not only will more people know your company name, but they will also appreciate the gesture. As these power banks are practical, anyone who receives one will use it!

If you are in an organization that helps the less fortunate, you have to arrange fundraisers or camps for underprivileged children from time to time. These charity events help many people, as many good Samaritans come to donate or participate in some way. Show them your gratitude for their contribution by giving them these power banks as tokens of appreciation. Please choose from our available product colors and personalize the power banks with a thank-you message and your organization’s name and motto.

Celebrate graduation day with gifts!

Graduating from school is a big deal for every student! As graduation day gets nearer, their excitement and anticipation grow. Many schools get graduation class gifts to give their students to congratulate them. Our personalized compact keychain power banks will be perfect if you’re looking for bulk graduation gifts or to add as a gift for a grad. You could personalize the power banks with a “Congratulations!” message and the school name. Students will love these practical and compact power banks as graduation class gifts! It’ll be a memento that reminds them of their graduation day whenever they use it. So, hurry up and get these power banks as bulk graduation gifts for your students before the big day!

A Creative Save the Date

Send out save the date with these compact keychain battery packs that your loved one will surely love. Not only are they useful, but they will be a great reminder of your important day. You can also customize the battery packs for the day of your wedding to give out to guests as a party favor! Guests will be taking photos and videos all night, which is certain to drain their batteries!

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