Easy Design St. Patrick’s Day Can Cooler and Shot Glasses

It’s drink o’clock all day on St. Patty’s Day!

Usually, drinking early is frowned upon, but it’s a ritual to do so on St Ppaddy’s day! If you’re the usual party host for anything, you’ll feel extra pressure from your friends as St. Patrick’s Day gets closer. Additionally, as party coordinators of fraternity parties, you must ensure that all your brothers are having fun on this day. After arranging drinks for the party, ensure you have all the necessities; we’re here to help!

Shot Glasses

Our best-selling drinkware perfect for St. Paddy’s Day is St. Patrick’s Day Shot Glasses. And now, you can quickly customize the shot glasses with pre-designed options. All you have to do is type in your customization. You can insert anything like your bar’s or group’s names. Some classic designs appropriate for this day are “Happy St. Patrick’s Day,” “Everybody In The Pub Gettin’ Tipsy,” “Shake Your Shamrocks,” and more. The custom shot glasses are available in clear, frost, blue and black.

Can Coolers

If you’re arranging a St. Patrick’s Day party for all your friends, you’ll need to decorate your place with green decor. Put up some leprechaun artwork and shamrocks everywhere. But you need to be most prepared for serving cold beverages, as no one will appreciate warm ones. We’ve got you covered with our St. Patrick’s Day Can Coolers! Not only will they keep everyone’s drink cold for a long time, but they can also be great party favors for everyone to take home! You can get a mix of our many designs, and with our new quick personalization option, customizing has never been easier! Designs that range from “Too Cute To Be Pinched” and “You Can’t Drink All Day If You Don’t Start In The Morning” to “I Love Beer,” “Irish Flu Shot,” and more.

We’ve even got some great ones for frat parties as well! Our “Lucky Dude, “Beer Science,” “O’ Hammered,” and more designs are perfect for giving out to your brothers during the party!

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Are you looking for easy-to-order can coolers for other events? For Example, If you’re planning a birthday party, we have some excellent birthday can coolers you can order. Our new design feature allows easy ordering from anywhere, like your phone!

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