8 Reasons Why You Need a Lanyard

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Even though lanyards are incredibly popular due to their cheap and practical nature, there still might be the tendency to think of them as cheap, disposable accessories. But don’t throw away your lanyard just yet! They are just as versatile as they are affordable. Doubt it? Here are a few reasons why you should still keep your lanyards around.


Convenient ID Display

Convenient ID display is one of the primary reasons why lanyards are widely used in various settings. Whether it’s at events, corporate offices or in educational institutions, lanyards offer several benefits for displaying id badges or access cards. For one, lanyards keep identification cards easily visible around the neck, making it simple for others to identify the wearer and their role or affiliation. This is especially helpful in large organizations or events where people may not know each other personally.


Hands-Free Accessibility

Hands-free accessibility is another significant advantage of using lanyards. By wearing a lanyard around your neck, you can keep essential items easily accessible while freeing up your hands for other tasks. For example, in office environments, employees often need to access their ID cards or key cards frequently. With a lanyard, they can swipe or scan their access cards quickly without having to search through pockets or bags, saving time and streamlining daily routines. In essence, lanyards are great at allowing individuals keep their essential items close at hand while keeping their hands available for important tasks.


Branding and Promotion

Branded lanyards make for inexpensive yet highly efficient promotional materials for your product. Branding and promotion are crucial aspects of any business or organization, and the branded lanyard can serve as effective tools to achieve these goals. By customizing lanyards with logos, slogans or specific designs, you can leverage their visibility and functionality to enhance brand awareness and promote your message.


Lanyards worn by employees, staff or conference attendees, for example, essentially become promotional material. When people wear lanyards with your company logo or event name, they carry your brand message with them wherever they go, exposing it to a wider audience.


Schools and Educational Settings

Lanyards are commonly used to display student and staff identification cards, making it easy to identify individuals within the school premises. This enhances security and ensures that only authorized personnel have access to the campus. Schools also often use access cards or badges on lanyards to control entry to specific areas such as classrooms, laboratories or administrative offices. This restricts access to authorized personnel and helps maintain a safe and secure environment.


Organization and Efficiency

Lanyards with badge holders can keep documents, schedules or reference materials organized and readily accessible, which is helpful in conferences, trade shows, or large-scale events. By reducing the time spent searching for these items, individuals can allocate more time to productive tasks, leading to improved time management.


The lanyard also comes in handy on cruise trips as well. Considering how vast a cruise ship is and the fact that passengers and staff members are equipped with a cruise card, it makes sense that lanyards should come in handy here. This is why cruise lanyards are such a great asset in this scenario. The cruise lanyard effectively ensures that you have easy access to your cards and are able to keep track of your small valuables. So if you find yourself on a cruise, go search for the gift shop and grab yourself one!


Safety and Security

In large gatherings or events, lanyards can be color-coded or labeled to differentiate staff, participants, vendors, or other relevant roles. This clarity assists the security team in identifying different groups and managing crowd movements effectively.


Furthermore, lanyards can be customized with emergency contact information, medical conditions or allergy alerts for individuals who may require immediate assistance. This helps first responders provide timely and appropriate care during emergencies.


Fashion and Personal Expression

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Lanyards have long evolved beyond their utilitarian purposes and have become fashionable accessories that allow individuals to express their personal style and preferences. Lanyards typically come in a wide range of designs, colors and patterns, catering to diverse tastes and fashion preferences.


From vibrant and bold hues to subtle and sophisticated prints, there’s a lanyard for everything. And so individuals can mix and match them with various accessories, such as badges, key rings or small pouches. This allows for a creative and versatile approach to accessorizing. Whether it’s a casual, business, or formal attire, the right lanyard can complement the look and become an integral part of the overall outfit.


Preventing Loss

Lanyards can help prevent losing small items like keys, access cards or pens as they remain securely attached to your person. They securely hold these items around the wearer’s neck or wrist, significantly reducing the chances of misplacing them. By wearing a lanyard around the neck, the attached items remain visible to the wearer at all times.


Are Lanyards Essential?

Lanyards are an often overlooked and highly valuable work tool. However, lanyards can be highly beneficial and practical accessories in various settings, making them widely used and valued by many people. They are affordable and readily available little helpers that can be useful for any business really. Lanyards offer, among so many things, improved organization, efficiency and security, making tasks and interactions smoother and more streamlined. Whether for identification, branding, or personal expression, lanyards have become an integral part of many people’s lives and work environments.


If you’re wondering where to begin when it comes to securing a custom lanyard, we’re here to help. Be it a professional lanyard or something more personal, don’t sweat it. Hop on to the Imprint page and check out the lanyard collection!

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