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Are you looking for a distinctive way to portray your company or brand? Our custom lanyards and custom name tags provide the ideal answer. Whether you're attending a trade fair, organizing a business function, or wanting to give your employees' clothes a polished look, custom-printed lanyards and plastic card holders are made to fit your requirements.

Personalised lanyards and branded name tags are valuable advertising tools for your company, event, or brand. Add your logo to lanyards to increase brand recognition or personalize them with information about your event. Branded lanyards and plastic card holders are common at business gatherings and trade exhibitions. When used with ID cards, they can enhance security, making it simple to identify visitors, staff members, or clients. 

You can personalize lanyards to meet your needs by adding badge holders, key rings, and other accessories of your choosing. Personalised lanyards with custom name tags are a fantastic way to leave a lasting impression!

Personalized Lanyards

Custom-made lanyards, also known as custom lanyards, can be made to fulfill specific specifications and represent individual or corporate identities. These lanyards offer numerous customization options, such as color, material, length, and attachment type. Personalized lanyards act as a potent branding tool by adding logos, slogans, or company colors that make an impression on onlookers.

If someone wants to add a little something more to their everyday gear, personalized lanyards are a chic and valuable option. These adaptable neck straps are perfect for various uses, including business branding, event identification, or personal expression. We manufacture printed lanyards from sturdy fabrics like polyester or nylon, which you can personalize with names, logos, or designs.

Personalized lanyards are useful for holding ID badges, keys, and small electronics. Many professionals, such as nurses, office workers, security guards, etc, use customized lanyards. Students are also huge utilizers. Customised lanyard is a great way to combine function and style since they can be made to match any individual style preference and offer an infinite number of design options.

Order Lanyards with No Minimum

 Ordering custom lanyards with no minimum quantity enables affordable personalization without requiring huge orders, making it an excellent choice for students, small enterprises, and events that do not require custom lanyards in bulk. 

Businesses and groups can also order lanyards with no minimum quantity, which gives them the flexibility they need for promotions, events, and daily use. This option is perfect for small enterprises, startups, or events with variable attendance because it offers cost-effective solutions.

Customers can precisely customize their purchases to meet their needs without worrying about excess inventory or overspending because there are no minimum order limits.

Ordering lanyards with no minimum offers efficiency and practicality in managing supplies while upholding a professional image, whether for identification, branding, or convenience.

Custom Lanyards in Bulk

Ordering printed lanyards in bulk also benefits organizations or events that need more lanyards. Compared to smaller order quantities, bulk orders are more cost-effective per unit because they come with a built-in discounted price. 

Furthermore, purchasing custom lanyards in bulk guarantees an adequate supply for future use, such as conference badges, employee identification, or promotional gifts. Bulk custom lanyards are a practical and fashionable way for businesses to improve brand awareness or expedite identity procedures.

Businesses may easily display their brand identity at conferences, trade exhibitions, or corporate events by personalizing lanyards with logos, phrases, or unique colors. 

Purchasing personalized lanyards bulk in large quantities saves money and guarantees a sufficient supply for various events, exhibiting expertise and meticulousness.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.What are lanyards used for? 

Lanyards are commonly used to hold and display identification badges, keys, access cards, or other small items like USB drives and whistles. They are often worn around the neck or wrist for easy access and use. When paired with badge holders, lanyards provide a visible means of identification and a practical means of carrying items like keys. 

Lanyards are used at trade exhibitions and events. Attendees wear lanyards to display their event badges, VIP passes, or credentials, facilitating easy identification and access control. They are also ideal as a giveaway gift at conventions and trade exhibitions.

Custom-printed lanyards can be personalized by schools with their mascot, emblem, or colors to foster a feeling of pride and community among staff and students. Schools, colleges, and universities use the personalized lanyards for student and faculty identification. Lanyards can also be used to hold access cards for library services, dormitories, or campus facilities. Furthermore, including safety elements like breakaway attachments guarantees that the personalized lanyards adhere to school safety regulations.

Retail employees also use custom lanyards with badges or nametags for customer service and identification purposes. Lanyards are also often used for key management by supervisors or management. 

Printed Lanyards are commonly used in sports stadiums, concert venues, and entertainment facilities for staff identification, VIP access, and event management. They help ensure smooth operations and crowd control during large-scale events.

In manufacturing and industrial settings, lanyards are used for employee identification, access control, and safety. They can also be used to hold tools, equipment, or personal protective gear.

Government agencies and public sector organizations use lanyards for employee identification, security access, and visitor management. Lanyards help maintain security protocols and ensure accountability in government facilities.

2. What materials are lanyards typically made from? Lanyards are made from assorted materials, including polyester, nylon, cotton, and eco-friendly options like bamboo or recycled PET. The choice of material depends on factors such as durability, comfort, and preferred customization options.

3. What are the different types of available lanyards? There are several types of lanyards available, including:

  • Polyester lanyards: Known for their durability and commonly used for IDs and badges.
  • Nylon lanyards: Smooth texture and often used for events or conferences.
  • Tubular lanyards: Soft and comfortable, often used by students and young professionals.
  • Woven lanyards: Made with woven threads for a high-quality look.
  • Reflective lanyards: Designed with reflective material for increased visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Breakaway lanyards: Feature a safety breakaway clasp to prevent choking hazards

4. Can lanyards be customized with logos or text? Yes, lanyards can be customized with logos, text, or other designs. Depending on the material and design preferences, customization options typically include screen printing, dye sublimation, and weaving. 

5. What are the standard sizes for lanyards?  Lanyard lengths range from 30 to 42 inches, but they can be customized to different lengths based on specific requirements. The stanard lanyard length is 36 inches. The width of lanyards commonly ranges from 5/8 inch to 1 inch, with wider lanyards offering more space for customization and branding. The standard lanyard width is 3/4 inch. 

6. What other accessories can be paired with custom lanyards?

Apart from personalized lanyards, a range of accessories, such as personalized name tags and plastic card holders, can enhance their usefulness. Personalized name tags add even more personalization to identification by putting names next to logos or other branding components. Plastic card holders keep IDs and access cards readily available for scanning or swiping while shielding them from damage.

7. Can I order cheap custom lanyards?

You can get inexpensive, personalized, cheap custom lanyards without sacrificing quality. Budget-friendly customised lanyard options are available from many manufacturers, giving individuals and companies access to affordable personalization options.

Although less expensive lanyards might employ fewer materials or methods of customization, they nonetheless offer a valuable and cost-effective approach to display branding or personalization.

8. Are there any volume discounts available for bulk orders of custom lanyards?

Yes, we offer volume discounts for bulk orders of custom lanyards. The discount rate depends on the quantity ordered. Typically, the larger the order quantity, the higher the discount. Volume discounts are structured in tiers, with different discount rates applying to different quantity ranges. For example, there might be one discount rate for orders of 100-499 lanyards, another rate for 500-999 lanyards, and so on.