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There are so many reasons why the lanyard is a great accessory. They store your small essentials, hold onto your ID and access cards and are a brilliant and cheap way to promote your brand. But all of these uses, great as they are, only touch the surface of what lanyards are good for.


Here are a few more ideas of what you can use these handy organizers for.


Trade Shows and Conferences

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Lanyards are typically used at trade shows and conferences to hold access passes, name badges and even schedules. In this scenario, the event lanyard serves as versatile tools for identification and organization. Lanyards are designed such that event attendees can easily wear them around their neck, making identification and networking more convenient.


Moreover, lanyards offer a practical way to display event branding, uniting attendees under a common visual theme and reinforcing the event’s identity. Customized lanyards with the event’s logo and name become walking advertisements that enhance brand visibility and contribute to a professional atmosphere.


Lanyards can be utilized as a means of access control, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter specific areas or sessions. Different colors or badge designs on lanyards might signify different levels of access, helping event organizers maintain order and security.


The School Lanyard

Schools and universities commonly use lanyards for student and faculty identification. This makes it easy for students and staff to display their credentials for access to campus facilities, events and services. This identification also enhances security by allowing school personnel to quickly identify individuals who belong on campus.


Lanyards also contribute to a sense of community and belonging in school environments. When you customize lanyards that incorporate the school’s logo or colors, it helps foster a sense of shared identity among students and faculty. They can be particularly useful during large-scale events, orientations and field trips, where visual identification is essential for maintaining organization and safety.


Lanyard in Workplaces

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Lanyards are often an integral tool in workplace environments. They are used to hold and display, for example, the employee badge holder or building access cards, contributing to easy identification and, most importantly, convenience. This also goes a long way to enhance security by clearly distinguishing authorized personnel. This invariably contributes to a safe and controlled work environment.


Healthcare Facilities

In healthcare environments, lanyards are used to hold identification badges for medical staff, including doctors, nurses and administrative personnel. These badges display critical information such as the wearer’s name, role and ofte

n their credentials, helping patients and colleagues identify the professionals involved in their care.


Just as with schools and workplaces, security is a paramount concern in healthcare facilities. Lanyards play a key role in maintaining this by controlling access to restricted areas. Lanyards can indeed hold access cards that allow authorized personnel to enter restricted areas like patient wards, laboratories and medication storage rooms. This controlled access helps safeguard sensitive information and valuable medical resources.


Public Transportation

A lot of public transportation systems use lanyards to hold fare cards or travel passes. This essentially makes it convenient for passengers to access their tickets while on the move. By wearing these lanyards around their necks, the passenger ensures that they have easy access to their cards when they need to tap or swipe for entry onto buses, trains, or other modes of transportation.


By keeping travel cards readily accessible, lanyards help streamline the boarding process, reducing queues and wait times at entry points. This is particularly important in busy urban areas where efficiency is crucial to maintaining the flow of transportation services.


Emergency Situations

When it comes to emergency situations, lanyards can serve as crucial tools for preparedness and response. They can hold emergency whistles, among so many other small tools, which provide an easily accessible and attention-grabbing way to signal for help. These whistles are commonly used in outdoor activities, such as hiking or camping, where quick communication in emergencies is essential. Lanyards keep them, and other such tools, always within reach, like the lifesavers they are.


In certain work situations, such as with utility or construction work, lanyards can also help prevent big emergencies or injuries altogether. The breakaway lanyard – otherwise called a safety lanyard – is a specialized lanyard designed with safety in mind. These lanyards are typically made of high-quality material – see, for example, nylon lanyards – and they feature a unique metal clip that causes them detach when subjected to pressure. The purpose of this design of breakaway lanyards is to prevent accidents or injuries that could occur if the lanyard becomes entangled.



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Photographers often use lanyards to secure items like camera lens caps, memory card holders or remote shutter releases. By wearing lanyards with these items attached, photographers ensure that they are always readily accessible.


In fast-paced environments like event photography, where capturing spontaneous moments is vital, this quality of the lanyard is indeed crucial. They can also be used to hold multiple memory cards, ensuring that photographers have ample storage space for their shots without needing to stop and change cards frequently. This convenience is particularly valuable when photographing continuous action or important events.


Keys and Accessories

Lanyards are a popular solution for carrying keys and accessories in a variety of contexts. In fact, this is one of the more popular uses of a lanyard. Many individuals wear lanyards as a practical way to hold onto your keys and prevent them from being lost. Whether it’s house keys, car keys, office keys, lanyards offer a convenient method for keeping these essentials always within reach.


Beyond this though, lanyards are also a great way to store small accessories like a USB drive, the plastic pouch for your ID, and other such small tools. This versatility makes lanyards a handy accessory for individuals who want to keep important items organized and accessible while on the move.


Crafts and Hobbies

Lanyards have found a creative niche in the world of crafts. They offer enthusiasts a platform for self-expression and artistic exploration. In this context, lanyards are often used to create intricate and colorful patterns through various weaving techniques. Commonly referred to as “lanyard weaving,” these activities involve intertwining different colored laces or cords to form patterns.


Lanyard crafts are popular among children as a fun and engaging pastime, often taught at summer camps and craft workshops. They indeed offer a platform for self-expression and artistic exploration. Crafters can experiment with different patterns, color combinations, and knot styles to create personalized lanyards that speak to who they really are. From the beaded lanyard to sunflower and woven lanyards, the possibilities of self-expression such lanyards offer in this scenario are indeed limitless.


The Custom Lanyard

At this point, you might be sure that you need to own lanyards to keep your life organized. Which means you need to pick up a custom lanyard soon.


There are a great many sources available to help with your search. You can begin by hopping onto the Imprint page to browse the options on offer.


You won’t be disappointed!

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