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People carry lanyards for so many various practical and functional reasons. A lanyard – that strap that can be worn around the neck or on a belt loop – is primarily designed to hold onto and display your small valuables. These could be car keys, ID card, even a cell phone. Lanyards do this while being cheap and durable enough to withstand the strain of everyday wear.


But that’s not all they’re good for! Here are some of the more common reasons why people use lanyards:


Identification and Access Cards

Many people use lanyards to carry ID or access cards for workplaces, conferences, events or other places that require constant or convenient display of these items. A professional lanyard of this kind ensure easy accessibility, allowing wearers to display their identification without the hassle. This is particularly important in security-conscious environments, where quick verification is essential.


Moreover, lanyards enhance efficiency by simplifying access procedures. With cards readily visible and within reach, users can effortlessly present them to card readers or security staff. This not only streamlines entry but also reduces the risk of losing or misplacing cards.



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Lanyards help keep your keys easily accessible and prevent them from being lost. This is particularly useful for people who frequently use different keys throughout the day. By keeping keys attached to the wearer’s person, lanyards significantly reduce the risk of misplacing these essential items. Even more than this, the lanyard enhances accessibility, allowing users to quickly retrieve keys with minimal fuss.


Lanyards for Electronic Devices

A good number of people use lanyards to secure their electronic devices like cell phones, cameras, USB drives. Primarily, lanyards minimize the risk of dropping or losing electronic devices. By attaching these devices to a lanyard worn around the neck or wrist, users ensure that their gadgets are always within reach and securely fastened. This is especially important in busy or crowded environments where the chances of accidentally dropping or misplacing your devices are much higher.


Lanyards also contribute to hands-free functionality. Users can engage in various activities without having to hold their electronic devices constantly. This is particularly helpful for photographers who need quick access to their cameras or even gamers seeking easy access to handheld consoles during extended play sessions.


Lanyards for Promotional Purposes

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Customizable lanyards act as mobile billboards, mostly because they do a great job of displaying a company logo or brand colors prominently. When attendees or employees wear lanyards featuring a company’s branding, it fosters brand recognition and reinforces its image. This is especially beneficial at large events, conferences and trade shows.


They are great conversation starters too! Lanyards often put wearers in a position to engage in discussions about the organization or event they represent. This personalized interaction can leave a lasting impression and help build meaningful connections. Moreover, as lanyards are often reused after events, they continue to promote the brand long after the initial exposure.



One of the main conveniences lanyard provide is easy accessibility. Whether it’s an ID card, keys, electronic devices or even small tools, lanyards keep these items within arm’s reach. This eliminates the need to search through bags or pockets, making it always effortless to retrieve what’s needed, whether to gain access to your car or workplace.


The lanyard also simplifies multitasking. With items securely attached to a lanyard, individuals have their hands and attention freed up for other tasks. This is particularly useful in situations where efficiency is important, such as during events, conferences or work tasks that require constant movement and interaction.



Lanyards also play a pivotal role in enhancing security measures, offering individuals a practical means to keep essential items close and secure. For instance, in workplaces and secure facilities, lanyards ensure that identification badges and access cards are prominently displayed. This helps security personnel quickly identify authorized personnel and prevent unauthorized access. The lanyard minimizes the risk of misplaced or lost cards, which could potentially lead to security breaches.


Furthermore, lanyards enhance personal security by reducing the chances of theft or loss. Valuables like keys, smartphones, and electronic devices are less likely to be snatched or misplaced when they’re attached to a lanyard worn around the neck or wrist. This is particularly important in crowded or public spaces where opportunistic theft can occur.


Fashion and Self-Expression

One other thing: over time, the lanyard has evolved beyond just being organizers to also become a great vehicle for expressing personal style. They offer individuals a unique way to add a touch of flair and personality to their everyday accessories, showcasing a diverse range of designs, colors and patterns.


Whether it’s a favorite sports team, a beloved band or a personal mantra, there’s a lanyard design for everything. In this way, lanyards are something of a wearable canvas, an extension of someone’s identity, allowing them to proudly display what they care about.


What’s not to love?


Why Do You Need Custom Lanyards?

If you’re searching for a cheap and affordable way to hold onto your small valuables, while also promoting your brand or company, lanyards are a no-brainer. Most lanyards, especially custom lanyards, give you the option to put your stamp on them – be it a color scheme, message or general style.


Don’t hesitate to start looking today.


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