Spread Awareness on World Diabetes Day


Jointly initiated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), the World Diabetes Day creates awareness on the diabetes outbreak. The day is observed on November 14 by billions of global participants each year marking the birthday of Frederick Banting who discovered insulin with Charles Best in 1922.

By organizing exhibitions, campaigns, and exhibitions, it brings attention to the cause in over 160 countries. Emphasize on this issue and grab the spotlight, using Custom Banners.


The World Diabetes Day is celebrated since 1999 as a global awareness campaign against the health threats as posed by diabetes. So, it is everyone’s responsibility to promote the vital importance of this event by performing coordinated acts. You can promote this sensitive global health issue by organizing social and sports events for adults and children at your community. Our Custom Wristbands may spread the message on these events.


Implement this year’s global theme “Women and diabetes – Our right to a healthy future” on screenings, meetings, campaigns, lectures, and activities. Being the ninth leading cause of more than 2 million women’s death and 200 million affected women globally, this cause needs more attention than it deserves. Our Custom Buttons will help spread your message effectively in the public spotlight in raising awareness for this health issue when everyone will wear them.


Incorporate the blue circle logo on our Custom Tote Bags that will symbolize on global awareness and responses on diabetes at fund raising event. These items will help raise donations to incur costs for early detection, diagnosis, nutrition supply, treatment, and prevention of diabetes for women at your community.


Make people aware of the risks and complications of Type 1/ 2 diabetes by imprinting awareness messages on Custom T-Shirts.


Spread public information through our Custom Brochures elaborating on fair access of diabetes medicines, self-management instructions, and technologies available to achieve positive health outcomes. Overall, try to build network among general public, medical professionals, and diabetes associations.


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