Observe the International Day for Tolerance!


Reflecting on the adverse effects of terrorism, injustice, oppression, violence, racism, and discrimination on the society, the International Day for Tolerance is held on November 16. In 1995, the member states of UNESCO declared and affirmed the Principles on Tolerance to motivate the general public on respecting others’ beliefs and recognizing their rights.

You can take initiatives on this day on behalf of your organization and make sure that everyone is aware of the negative effects of tolerance. Organize community events and invite speakers to talk on issues centered on non-violence and human rights.


Human right organizations can also come forward to speak out on human rights laws at workshops and campaigns highlighting discrimination, injustice, and crimes. In these sessions, Custom Buttons and Custom Tattoos can be distributed to event participants to wear for creating individual awareness, developing tolerance and promoting solidarity.


In support of all minority groups and individuals, call for volunteers to create awareness against stereotyping, racism, and prejudice. At community parades, the volunteers could wear Custom Lanyards imprinted with messages for nonviolence to demonstrate solidarity with the victims of violence. Holding community meetings, you can encourage people to refrain from resorting to violence or discriminate and ensure equality for individuals, ethnic, and minority groups. Arrange special training programs at schools and workplaces so that everyone learns to develop and utilize tolerance against violence.


Put on Custom Banners with slogans to attract attention of event attendees illustrating on the importance of tolerance against discrimination. Victims can share their personal accounts and encounters of intolerance that affected their lives to make others conscious.


We should endeavor to build tolerance and put emphasis on educating others to develop individual behavior for countering violence. Therefore, arrange campaigns that aim to promote peace and prosperity where participants can wear Custom Wristbands to pledge on reducing negative attitudes towards minorities, immigrants, and refugees.


For respecting cultural traditions and fundamental rights of others, you can order Custom T-Shirts with messages for attendees to wear at awareness campaigns. Encourage mutual exchanges towards respecting the differences in values and developing spirit of tolerance.


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